Reference to Registrar – Incorrect

26 February 2021

The Registrar of Political Parties has come across a reference in the Fiji Sun’s front page article titled: “Banned: Three members told not to attend SODELPA Management Board meeting today”, in which the article quotes one Ratu Tevita Komisavai as saying: The general secretary has told me that the Registrar of Political Parties has advised them to disallow us from attending the meeting.”

The Registrar holds an independent office and does not engage in the internal affairs of the political parties particularly giving advice to political parties. The role of the Registrar is to maintain the regulatory compliance of political parties with the law and at any time when there is a lack of compliance, takes action to ensure that the laws are upheld.

At no occasion does the Registrar provide direct advice in the management of political parties and any such claim or allegation thereof is incorrect and designed to bring the Registrar’s office into the affairs of the party.

The Registrar urges all political party representatives to understand the office of the Registrar’s role in terms of the management of the Political Parties Act and the regulatory compliance of political parties. It is highly inappropriate for any person to allude the name of the Registrar for any action they may wish to undertake or justify.

Whilst the Registrar will remain impartial and independent at all times, the circumstances are such that the Registrar can be contacted by political party officials in case they need clarifications on such claims and allegations.



Neelam Prasad


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