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Who can apply for Postal voting?

A registered voter who:

  • Is living outside of Fiji or will be outside of Fiji on Polling Day.
  • Is unable to travel to a Polling Station due to sickness, religious
    beliefs or work commitments. 
  • Is under pre-trial detention or sentence of imprisonment.
  1. Collect the Postal Voting Application Form from any of our offices (FEO HQ, VSC, Divisional or Area Office) or download from
  2. Fill out all necessary details including your name as is on the VoterCard and your VoterCard number.
  3. In part 2.0 provide the Residential or Delivery Address- this is where you would like the Postal Voting Package to be delivered to.
  4. Then fill out the Statutory Declaration and ensure to have it witnessed.
  5. Attach a copy of your VoterCard and drop the completed Application Form at any of our offices.
  6. If you are applying online, fill out the Postal Voting Application Form as per the instructions mentioned above and upload the same together with a copy of your VoterCard. (Both the Blue & Green VoterCards are accepted).

Postal Voting applications open on the day the Election Date is announced and applications will close at 5.00pm on the 23rd Day after the issue of Writ.

Once the application is approved, the FEO will send each Postal Voter one Postal Voting Package.

All Postal Ballots must reach the FEO no later than 6.00pm on Election Day.

Postal Voting Steps

NOTE: Postal Ballot papers will be counted at the National Count Centre.

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