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The Electoral Commission has approved that the following people will be voting in advance of Election day:

People living in very remote places.​


  • The FEO has already published the list of venues on which Pre-Poll will take place. The List can be accessed HERE.
  • Voters listed to vote in these locations cannot vote on Election Day.
  • For the 2022 General Election, the FEO will also put the Pre-Poll road signs in each of the locations.

  • Pre-Poll voting commences on the 35th day after the issue of Writ and ends on the 39th day (after the issue of Writ).

    [WD+35 to WD+39]

    1. The Pre-Poll Schedule outlining the date and time at which Pre-Poll voting will take place at individual Polling Venues will be published on this page, in both newspapers and on the Fijian Elections Office Facebook page from -----(TBC).
    2. The Pre-Poll road sign will have the date and time at which polling (voting) will take place at the particular venue.

    Pre-Poll Voting Steps

    Pre-Poll Ballot papers will be counted at the National Count Centre on Election Night.

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