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Candidate Nominations

Candidate Eligibility Requirements

If you wish to contest for parliament in the 2022 General Election, there are two (2) ways
you can become a candidate:

You may be nominated by a registered political party

You may stand as an independent candidate.

The Constitution of the Republic of Fiji and the Electoral Act 2014 states that to be an eligible candidate, you need to be able to show that you:

Are a Citizen of Fiji

Are not a citizen of any other country

Are registered in the Register of Voters

Have been living in Fiji for at least two (2) years immediately before you have been nominated

Are not an undischarged bankrupt

Are not a member of the Electoral Commission either now or in the last four (4) years before being nominated

Are not subjected to a sentence of imprisonment when nominated

Have not been convicted of any offence in the last eight (8) years before being nominated for which the maximum penalty under the law is a prison term of 12 months or more.

Have not been found guilty of any offence under a law relating to elections, registration of political parties or registration of voters.

There is an exception to the requirement for living in Fiji for two (2) years if

The Constitution defines

What is meant by “holding a public office”. If you hold a public office, then when your nomination is received by the Supervisor of Elections, you will be considered to have vacated that office. If you continue to hold that office, then two (2) things will happen:

You could be liable for a fine of up to $10,000 or a prison term of up to five (5) years, or both.


Nomination Period

Nominations will open once the Writ for the 2022 General Election is issued and it willclose 14 days after.

The Electoral Commission upon receiving the Writ from the President, will publish this information in the Gazette, national daily newspapers and broadcast on radio and free-to-air television a notice about the nomination period and the place to submit your

The place of nomination for the 2022 General Election is at the Fijian Elections Office, Saint Stephen’s Building at Victoria Parade, Suva. This is where you take your completed nomination documents.

There will be two (2) types of nomination forms for the 2022 General Election. Form One, is for Independent Candidate nominations and Form Two is for Political Party Candidate nominations. Both of these forms can be accessed on:

Nomination forms are to be accompanied with deposits of $1,000.00 for each Party candidate and $1,000.00 for each Independent candidate. Those who wish to register their nomination as Independent candidate must also present a list of 1000 supporters in the approved form along with their nomination form.

All candidates are also required to submit a recent passport size photograph in electronic copy in high quality resolution of 300ppi either in JPEG or PNG format and a certified true copy of their birth certificate.

When Nominations are lodged, they will be considered provisional until approved by the SOE. The approval process may take a number of hours. The Electoral Act does not allow for any changes or replacement of candidates after the close of Nominations at 12 noon.

If someone who is a registered voter knows that any candidate’s nomination does not comply with the legal requirements, then that person may object to the nomination.

The person objecting must complete and file the Objection Form [insert link] to the EC before 4.00 pm on the day following the close of nominations. A $100 fee must be paid for each objection that is lodged. So, for example if someone objects to two (2) candidates, the
fee is $200.

Any person who was nominated as a candidate but was rejected by the SoE may appeal the decision of the SoE to the EC. The person must complete the Appeals Form [link] and submit it to the EC before 4.00 pm on the day following the close of nominations.

Any candidate who wishes to withdraw his or her nomination form, can do so by providing a written notice to the Supervisor of Elections no later than 12.00pm on the day after the close of nominations.

If anyone withdraws their nomination after the close of nominations, then no new nominations may be made to replace them.

For more information with regards to contesting the 2022 General Election as a candidate, read the Candidates’ Handbook here [link]

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