If you have already turned eighteen [18] and have not yet been registered, visit any of our Voter Services Centres.

We are able to assist in any of the following:
1. New registrations – Form
2. Update or correction of voter details – Form
3. Replacement of Electronic Voter Registration [EVR] card – Form

Who Can Register?
Before you can vote, you need to make sure that your name is on the Voter List. This is the list of all eligible Fijians who are registered to vote in the 2022 General Election. Your name can only appear on the Voter List if you have registered

How to Register?

For new registrations, we will need you to complete a ‘Voter Registration and Update Form ’.

At the Voter Services Centre, provide us with any of the valid photo ID listed below:

Fijian Passport OR FNPF ID OR Driver’s License OR Social Welfare ID OR Employment ID OR Tertiary Student ID OR FRCS/FNPF Joint Card

The ‘Voter Registration and Update Form’ will need to be completed for the following requests:

  • Update of your residential address
  •  Change in your name
  • Correction in the date of birth
  • Replacement of lost/stolen EVR card

What happens after I have Registered?
Once you have been successfully registered as a voter you will be issued a VoterCard. You must present this VoterCard at the time you cast your vote.

  • The Green coloured VoterCard has expired.