About the Nomination Process:

All completed ‘Nomination Forms’ – which can be downloaded below –  must delivered to the Fijian Elections Office at 59-63 High Streek, Toorak, Suva.

Nomination forms must be accompanied by deposits of $1,000.00 for each party candidate and $1,000.00 for each independent candidate.

Independent candidates also have to present a list of 1,000 supporters with their nomination forms.

If a candidate wishes to withdraw his or her nomination form, he or she can do so by providing written notice to the Supervisor of Elections no later than 12p.m. on the day the nominations process closes.

When Nominations arelodged, they will  be considered provisional until approved by the SOE. The approval process may take a number of hours. The Electoral Act does not allow for any changes or replacement of candidates after the close of Nominations at 12 noon.