DATES: 19 January to 11 February, 2022

Announcement by the SoE on the Election Officials Recruitment Drive Phase 2 for the 2022 General Election


To work as a Pre-Poll or an Election Day Official you must:

  • Be a registered voter in Fiji
  • Be politically neutral
  • Possess adequate literacy and numeracy skills
  • Be available for the days/periods required for each position (see below)


Applicants will need:

  • Voter Registration Card;
  • TIN Letter or Joint Card; 
  • Fiji National Provident Fund Card or Statement(FNPF)
  • Vaccination Card
  • Details of active bank account or copy of a recent statement or;
  • Active M-Paisa or MyCash account details

The following positions are available:

  1. Presiding Officer [PO]
    Duties: The Presiding Officer is responsible for all election materials dispatched to them, management of staff in their polling station, set up of their polling station, orderly conduct of voting and counting process, transfer of results to the National Result Centre, packing and return of election materials and any other work as described in the PO manual.
    Package Salary: $420.00
  1. Assistant Presiding Officer [APO]
    Duties: Assist the Presiding Officer and deputize the Presiding Officer when required. Also responsible for the management of their Polling Station’s Voter List.
    Package Salary: $250.00
  1. Venue Queue Controller [VQC]
    Duties: Assist the Presiding Officer in ensuring the Polling Venue is well organized for Poll, clearly mark the 300 meters radius. For campaigning restrictions direct voters to their correct Polling Stations when required and ensures that no one enters the Polling Venue after 6pm on Election Day.
    Package Salary: $110.00
  1. Polling Day Workers [PDW]
    Duties: Check the voter’s fingers for any ink marking prior to them entering the Polling Station, provide the voter with instruction on how to mark the name of the voter on the voter list, have the voter sign next to his/her name on the voter list, provide the voter with one ballot paper, ensure the voters finger is inked prior to placing ballot paper inside the ballot box, ensure that the ballot box is guarded at all times, assist with the count of ballot papers as well as packing of election materials after count has concluded.
    Package Salary: $180.00
  1. Pre Poll Staff
    Pre-poll voting is when voters vote in advance of the Polling Day. This requires travel to remote areas within the mainland and/or outer islands for up to 7 days. Those applicants that have opted to work during pre-poll will be required to undergo a specialized training. Also those selected to work on pre poll will be employed on polling day and may also be considered to work at the National Count Centre.

    Payment will be based on a daily rate on the position for the number of days required for the pre-poll circuit.
    Daily Rate of Pay is as follows:
    Presiding Officer: $111.00 per day.     Assistant Presiding Officer: $91.00 per day   
    Polling Day Worker: $ 72.00 per day