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Staff gain broader insight

The Acting Supervisor of Elections [“ASoE”] Ms. Ana Mataiciwa congratulated 16 staff of the Fijian Elections Office [“FEO”] for successfully completing their Induction and Introduction to Elections Training.

In expressing her gratitude, Ms. Mataiciwa stated that the staff, most of whom were newly recruited by the FEO, have embarked on a journey of knowledge and empowerment, utilizing a blended mode of training that combined both online and in-person sessions.

“Our focus has been on equipping each member of the FEO with a comprehensive understanding of the electoral process, with a particular emphasis on the electoral cycle. As we conclude this final phase, I am pleased to see that you now possess not only the “know-how” and the “know-of” but also a profound understanding of the finer details surrounding our elections,” said Ms. Mataiciwa.

The ASoE added that the staff not only mastered the specific responsibilities within their respective roles but have also gained a broader insight into the holistic nature of elections.

“This newfound knowledge positions you not only just as employees of the FEO but as informed contributors to the electoral process—a vital aspect of our democratic fabric. Now, as we stand at the threshold of a new chapter, I challenge each one of you.”

“With the wealth of electoral knowledge, you have acquired, ask yourselves, “What will you do with this knowledge?” It is not enough to simply be aware; our true impact lies in the actions we take and the difference we make in the electoral landscape of our nation.”

“In your hands, you hold the power to contribute to the integrity and efficiency of our electoral processes. You are the gatekeepers of democracy, and I encourage you to use your newfound knowledge responsibly, ethically, and with a commitment to the principles that underpin our democratic ideals,” Ms. Mataiciwa elaborated.

The ASoE also expressed her confidence of how the FEO is better equipped to uphold the standards of transparency, fairness, and accuracy that Fijian voters deserve.

“As you step into your roles with this enhanced understanding, there will be obstacles and trials along the way but I am encouraging you to please be still, be strong and be very courageous. Always remember that you are the gatekeeper of democracy in Fiji so always seek the Lord’s guidance continuously as you face the adversities and obstacles head on,” the ASoE stated.

Ms. Mataiciwa thanked the FEO’s Training And Development Unit for their unwavering commitment to the excellence of the FEO’s training programs and the Technical Advisor from the New Zealand Electoral Commission Sarah Kedezlie for her invaluable support to the TDU.


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