National Federation Party Complies with Political Parties Act

National Federation Party Complies with s26 of the Political Parties (Registration, Conduct, Funding and Disclosures) Act

6 November 2020

The National Federation Party has this afternoon complied with the directives of the Registrar to submit Audited Financial Statements for the year 2018 after it was found that the earlier report submitted by the Party to the Registrar failed to comply with the law.

“It has been noted that the Auditor, Messrs. Naiveli & Co. have issued a qualified report for the 2018 Financial Statements highlighting that they were not able to carry out ‘satisfactory audit verification’ of the recording of income from fundraising and donations,” said Mr. Mohammed Saneem, Registrar of Political Parties.

The Auditor also states that ‘there were a significant amounts of cheque withdrawals which lacked sufficient independent source documents as satisfactory audit evidence’.

The Registrar will make further enquiries on the same in the coming week.


Neelam Prasad


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