Verification of Provisional Voter List commences


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Verification of Provisional Voter List commences

The Fijian Elections Office has commenced the verification of the 2018 General Election Provisional Voter List through the use of the district advisory councilors and the Turaga ni Koro’s around Fiji.

Following a successful meeting with the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs and with the assistance of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs, the FEO has begun distributing the Provisional Voter List to respective Turaga ni Koros so that they may be able to take it to their areas and verify against those who are present in those areas under the Voter List.

The FEO anticipates that this exercise may take up to three weeks and by the time the National Voter Registration Drive starts, the FEO hopes to have received all the Provisional Voter List back in order for it to be prepared to make necessary changes when teams visit the places on the ground.

The FEO will also shortly launch an SMS platform for Fijians to be able to text their voter number and verify their polling stations.

“We are still well in time to allow Fijians who may have now changed their residential address to apply to have their polling station details amended,” the Supervisor of Elections, Mr Mohammed Saneem said.

“This is to avoid any inconveniences on Election Day if voters do not change their venues in time.”

The Provisional List of Polling Venues for the whole country has also be published on the FEO website and is available at and any Fijian who wishes to peruse this is invited to do so.

According to the Electoral Act, the last day for voter registration will be the date that writ is issued and as such Fijians have every opportunity right now if they have not been registered to take advantage of the registration platforms available at many of our Voter Services Centres around the country.


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Statement by Supervisor of Elections in response to Lynda Tabuya

30 January, 2018

We have this afternoon witnessed statements made by Lynda Tabuya who is no longer from PDP. Her press conference this afternoon is purely political and we question her motives at asserting the findings of the FEO towards other events concerning workers.

Lynda Tabuya must understand that FEO’s actions on PDP are purely on her own failures to follow the law and the PDP Constitution. This is clearly evident and not disputed by her.

We have once again noted that she completely fails in her understanding of the law and is surely misguided when she says that the SoE released minutes of the meeting on 07 December 2017. Members of the media are invited to check the press release of yesterday which only reveals the SoE’s findings and not any other matter.

The SoE clearly has the powers to make his findings publicly known when exercising public function such as the current case of requiring the PDP to comply with the law. Ms Tabuya has in fact revealed more about the 07 December 2017 meeting and the role of Felix Anthony in PDP than was found by the SoE.

The findings on the MoU of 07 December 2017 were made public. Following the receipt of additional information, it is found that this MoU signed by PDP did not have proper Constitutional authorization of the PDP Management Board.

It is hoped that Lynda Tabuya can understand the basis of the SoE’s decision in an objective manner. Of course we cannot comment on her obvious attempts at politicizing this matter to shroud obvious failures to comply with PDP Constitution and the Political Parties Act.

The FEO operates within the laws that created it and at all times ensures that public law action it undertakes has proper legal and factual basis.


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Registrar uplifts suspension to facilitate Compliance by PDP

29 January, 2018


The Registrar of Political Parties has this afternoon lifted the suspension of PDP to allow the PDP to comply with the Political Parties (Registration, Conduct, Funding & Disclosures) Act, 2013 [ACT].

“Following the receipt of various documents from the PDP, we have established that the officials had neglected and/or failed to ensure that they had properly implemented the requirements of the PDP Constitution in particular, in relation to the appointment of an acting President following the resignation of Lynda Tabuya so that the Party was able to duly comply with the requirements of section 11 of the Act” explained Mohammed Saneem Supervisor of Elections and Registrar of Political Parties.

“We have therefore lifted the suspension so that PDP can hold a proper Management Board Meeting as per its Constitution and then appoint various office holders who can then sign off on the application required under section 11 of the Act.”

The Registrar has in his letter to PDP today also made known the following findings:

  1. Meeting of Management Board on 07 December 2017

It is noted that the minutes of this meeting were recorded by (the now resigned) Lynda Tabuya (the then President) and not the General Secretary as required by the PDP Constitution. The Registrar notes that the Constitution of PDP requires the presence of 5 Management Board members as quorum. In this case, it is noted that Felix Anthony, despite being present in the meeting, was not a member of the Management Board and therefore the Meeting on 07 December 2017 did not meet the quorum required pursuant to clause 11.3 of the PDP Constitution. *

  1. Office of the President of PDP

Following the resignation of Lynda Tabuya as President, the PDP was required under clause 19.3 of the PDP Constitution to ‘temporarily fill the vacancy via a vice president voted by a majority of the Management

Board.’ We find that PDP has 4 Vice President positions as per clause 20.1 of its Constitution and any of these 4 were eligible.

  1. Vice President

It is noted that only Vijay Sigh resigned as Vice President of the Party. Therefore, the PDP should, according to its Constitution have 3 other remaining Vice Presidents.

On the basis of the above findings, the Registrar has found that the absence of various Office Holders in PDP breaches its own Constitution and has therefore required the PDP to rectify this breach. The follow-on effect will facilitate the application under section 11 of the Act to be properly made.

“The office of the Registrar has taken this step to ensure that the Party is able to remedy the breaches and also urges office holders of all parties to ensure that they properly check the requirements under the Act and the Party Constitution in the performance of their functions therein.”

The PDP has until 28 February 2018 to remedy the breach failing which de-registration procedures under the Act will activate.

*Members of the media will note that it was this meeting that authorized the former President of PDP to sign an MOU with Social Democratic Liberal Party.


Please forward all media queries to the FEO Communications team at communications@localhost

Final call-out for Election Official applications

Final call-out for Election Official applications

Only 10 days remain for persons who wish to apply for positions as Election Officials in the 2018 General Election.

The last phase of recruitment began on 05 January 2018 and will end on 26 January 2018.

Fijian Elections Office [FEO] Director Corporate Services Mr Sanjeshwar Ram has confirmed additional recruitment venues are being set up in locations where the response has been low.

“Our teams will be at the FEO Divisional Offices in all four Divisions, we are also sending two teams to Kadavu and another team to Taveuni. This is to ensure that the opportunity to apply is available to as many people as possible in these final days. For the Western Division, we are particularly interested in applications from Ba, Tavua and Rakiraki.”

Recruitment at Divisional Offices will be available on the following dates:

“The FEO has made every effort to enable all eligible Fijians to apply to work in the 2018 General Election, and this is the final opportunity for persons who have not done so. Individuals must understand that there will be no further recruitments once this exercise ends on the 26th of January 2018,” said Mr Ram.

The FEO recruitment teams will be in Taveuni from 22 January to 26 January 2018, while two teams will cover Kadavu from 22 January to 25 January 2018.

Full details of the recruitment dates and venues are available on the FEO website as well as our facebook pages.

Applicants are reminded to bring along their VoterCard, current/active bank account details, copy of FNPF statement and TIN letter or joint card.


Please forward all media queries to the FEO Communications team at communications@localhost

FEO Introduces Fiji’s First Voter Education Curriculum

The Fijian Elections Office [FEO] launched Fiji’s first voter education curriculum for Year 10 school students this morning.

The curriculum which is called Introduction to Elections: A Learning Module for Year 10 Social Science, consists of the following materials:

    1. Students Workbook;
    2. Teachers Manual; and
    3. Mock Election Kit

The Electoral Commission Chairperson Mr Suresh Chandra during the launch said “the curriculum handed over this morning will train 16 year olds about the Fijian Electoral Process.”

“In 2 years’ time, these 16 year olds will join the over 620,000 already registered Fijians as voters.”

The curriculum has 5 lessons and the last one is the culminating activity which is a mock simulation practical activity.

This curriculum is aimed at giving a hands on experience to students who have not yet reached the age of eighteen [18] to actually learn how to cast a vote.

Students will use the Mock Election Kit consisting of mock election materials to conduct a mock election activity in their schools. Some of the materials in the kit include ballot boxes, ballot papers, voting screens, Voter Instruction Booklets and VoterCards.

The FEO has printed 40,000 mock ballot papers for this project. In this activity, students will play and demonstrate the role of the SoE, Presiding Officer, Polling Day Workers, Observer, Media Official, Polling Agent and voters.

The mock election activity is simplified keeping in mind the ability of Year 10 students to understand and absorb the required information.

Three videos have also been developed for this purpose which will assist the teachers and students to conduct Voting, Counting and Seat Allocation.

The FEO has printed 20,000 copies of Student’s Workbook and 2,000 copies of the Teacher’s Manual which will be distributed to 16,105 students in 178 secondary schools throughout Fiji.

This website has user friendly and disability friendly features such as text-tospeech feature which can be utilized by students who are visually impaired. Students and teachers can access the website by using the web address

The FEO has also conducted two [2] phases of Training of Trainers [ToT]; the first being for FEO Core Staff and the second for FEO Trained Trainers who will be sent out in the field to train 348 Social Science teachers Fiji wide.

Supervisor of Elections Mr Mohammed Saneem said “the Fijian Electoral Education Centre will conduct nationwide short trainings for social science teachers to ensure that there is consistency in the delivery of the content.”

“There is also a section for teachers on the FEO Voter education website to provide access to more materials that may refine their delivery of the materials. A voter education website has also been created for this activity.”

“The efforts of the developers of this curriculum is in line with the Electoral Commission’s theme, ‘Raising the Standards in the Delivery of Elections in Fiji’ and this is something we are very proud of,” said Mr Saneem.

“This year, we expect more than 16,100 students to go through this course in Term 1,” he added.

In addition, videos of ToT will be uploaded on the voter education website for those teachers who need to revisit certain areas of the curriculum


Please forward all media queries to the FEO Communications team at communications@localhost

Last Callout for Election Official Applicants

With the final round of Election Officials recruitment to begin on 08 January 2018, the Fijian Elections Office is calling out to persons who have already applied but not attended the half day training to come forward.

Director Corporate Services Mr Sanjeshwar Ram says 1,539 applicants who have been selected for training have been unable to confirm a training date.

“We are moving ahead with our election preparations and can’t afford to be held back because some persons are having difficulty in making time for this half day training session.”

The next round of training begins from 22 January 2018 and all applicants who have been unavailable for training so far are encouraged to contact the Fijian Elections Office to book their date, time and venue.

“The FEO has decided that individuals who cannot make an effort to attend the half day training this time around will not be considered for Election Officials recruitment”, said Mr Ram.

The Fijian Elections Office also confirms that the same decision has been taken for 832 applicants who are unreachable via the mobile phone numbers provided during recruitment.

“These persons have not been completely ruled out as yet – they have a final chance to reach out to the FEO and make the necessary arrangements.

To date, a total of 10,281 Election Official applicants have been trained in all Divisions.

Please forward all media queries to the FEO Communications team at communications@localhost

Application by ‘proposed Zionist Party’ refused


MEDIA RELEASE                                                                              For Immediate Release

The Registrar of Political Parties, Mohammed Saneem, has this afternoon refused the application for registration by the ‘proposed Zionist Party.’

Mr. Saneem outlined that following the verification of members exercise, it was found that the application failed to meet the required numbers for Central and Western Divisions.

“The application only had 1880 members out of the required 2000 for Central and 1633 members out of the required 1750 for the Western Division.”

Mr. Saneem further stated that the Constitution of the proposed party also did not meet the minimum requirements for the Political Parties as per the Political Parties (Registration, Conduct, Funding and Disclosures) Act, 2013.


Please forward all media queries to the FEO Communications team at communications@localhost

FEO briefs International Community reps

Yesterday, (23/11/17), the Fijian Elections Office [FEO] conducted a briefing for the international community on the preparations as at now leading up to the 2018 General Election.

Heads of Missions and senior representatives attended this briefing which was opened by the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Mr Suresh Chandra.

In welcoming the guests Mr Chandra remarked that “since this is the first time in Fiji’s history where a rather properly resourced election management body has been in place, it is ideal for us to talk elections and election preparation progress 1 month before the election year proper”.

“Notably, there is a high level of interest in elections in any country – particularly from its friends, development partners and international and regional bodies. Fiji is no different and we feel privileged to be the ones to see this process through,” Mr Chandra said.

The Supervisor of Elections, Mr Mohammed Saneem, presented at the briefing on key components of the election preparations.

Specific topics such as ongoing voter registration, election operations framework, election staffing and training requirements, political party interactions and capacity building, as well as technological and ICT enhancements were covered.

The FEO also shared some of its strategies in approaching voter awareness for the 2018 General Election.

Mr Saneem conveyed to the 53 representatives that it was the intention of the FEO to be election ready on the 01 April, 2018.

The briefing was attended by representatives from Australia, New Zealand, United States, China, India, Japan, Korea, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, European Union, Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat and the United Nations.


Please forward all media queries to the FEO Communications team at communications@localhost

Handover of Touch Screen Voting Machine and Equipment for Server Room

Statement by the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission

Mr Suresh Chandra

Handover of Touch Screen Voting Machine and Equipment for Server Room

Suva – 23rd November, 2017 – 10:00am


The Director General of A-WEB, Mr Seongbae Kang, The Korean Ambassador to Fiji, Mr Kim Seong-in; KOICA Country Director, Ms Hyunwon Kim; Fellow Electoral Commissioners; The Supervisor of Elections; Distinguished guests.

Ni sa Bula Vinaka and a very warm welcome to the Fijian Elections Office.

I would like to specially extend a warm welcome to our distinguished guests from the Association of World Election Bodies [A-WEB] based in Incheon, Korea.

Ladies and gentlemen, as we all know technology plays a very important role in our everyday lives. The first thing that many of us do in the morning is look at our mobile phones.

Whether it is for turning off alarms; checking the time or to read the daily news even before holding the newspaper. Apart from smartphones, most of our daily activities involve the usage of technology such as laptops, tablets, e-ticketing machines and the list continues.

Ladies and gentlemen, the use of information and communication technologies in the electoral process is something that we should not be afraid of. The introduction of ICT in elections is generating both interest and concern among the people around the world.

Today most Electoral Management Bodies (EMBs) in the world use new technologies with the aim of improving the electoral process. The appropriate application of technology to elections can increase administrative efficiency, reduce long term costs and enhance political transparency.

Ladies and gentlemen, while I can confirm that we will not be using any electronic voting systems in the 2018 General Election, it does not mean we cannot try it anywhere else.

Today we will receive 53 touchscreen voting machines from AWEB which will be used for Trade Union Elections in the country as well as elections for the University Student Bodies.

The FEO conducts up to 100 elections for Trade Unions in the country and these machines are specifically for use in these elections. In fact, the FEO has conducted more than 200 elections for trade unions to date since 2014.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is just a mere opportunity for just us to explore what technologies are there in elections so that we can test it on small scale elections.

We believe in the ability of the Touch Screen Voting machine to simplify the election processes and minimize cost while at the same time give Fijians the opportunity to experience voting as they would in the Republic of Korea, Estonia, Australia, Belgium, India and the United States to name a few.

The use of Touch-screen Voting Machines means that small scale elections can be conducted much quicker, with more efficiency, fewer resources and less manpower while still delivering high standards.

We understand that there are more than 25000 registered members of trade unions but the impact of that experience should be multiplied 5 times because in Fiji we have grog bowl discussions and we expect the topic of trade unions to be discussed around grog bowls.

This is a very high level of outreach that we tend to obtain by simply introducing a new gadget in the voting process. Whilst I reiterate that the 2018 General Election will not have any electronics involved, the Electoral Commission welcomes the FEOs futuristic approach in exploring what’s out there in the market and ensuring that Fiji is not left behind in this age of information enhancement.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is just one of the many examples of how the FEO is committed to the theme, ‘Raising the Standards in the Delivery of Elections in Fiji’, set out by the Commission.

To A-WEB, I extend my sincere thanks for your assistance and contribution towards the development of this country as a whole and I look forward to more collaborations in the future.

Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you for your attendance to witness this historic handover.

Thank you very much or as they say in Korean, Gam-sah-amnida.

Overseas Voter Registration Drive Update

The Fijian Elections Office has concluded the 2017 Overseas Voter Registration Drive with only Nauru, the United Kingdom and the East Coast of the United States left to be covered before the end of the year.

The FEO teams covered Canada, the West Coast of the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Marshall Islands, Malaysia and Korea from October 3 and November 6, 2017.

Teams were sent directly to these countries so that they could carry out registrations at key events organized by the Fijian communities mostly surrounding the Fiji Day celebrations.

Whilst there were certain difficulties that were faced by the teams including but not limited to lack of passports or unavailability of the exact requirements for registration, we still managed to register a total of 696 new voters.

The FEO also during these exercises managed to provide voter election services to up to 2900 Fijians.

A breakdown is provided below:



Canada 13 11 3 72 99
United States of America 274 245 36 331 886
New Zealand 212 184 102 469 967
Australia 159 178 41 358 736
Marshall Islands 16 51 0 55 122
Malaysia 8 18 0 35 61
Korea 14 7 5 3 29
TOTAL 696 694 187 1323 2900

During the Pacific Islands Countries Registration Drive, a total of 1060 voters were serviced in Tonga, Kiribati, Cook Islands, Tuvalu, American Samoa, Western Samoa, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Australia.
Teams were also sent to the Pacific Island Countries between March 17 and May 16, 2017 to ensure that Fijian in our neighboring nations are able to register to cast their vote.

Voter Services to these countries included 616 new registrations, 405 corrections to details and 39 obtained the replacement Voter2.0 Card.

A breakdown is provided below:



Tonga 155 25 6 186
Kiribati 27 10 6 43
Cook Islands 174 124 0 298
American Samoa 124 70 1 195
Western Samoa 53 22 11 86
Vanuatu 31 41 5 77
PNG 17 72 10 99
Solomon Islands 4 9 0 13
Tuvalu 9 32 0 41
Australia 22 0 0 22
TOTAL 616 405 39 1060

Director Operations Anaseini Senimoli in her remarks mentioned that despite the fact that we continued a lot awareness since last year, some members of the community were not able to bring all the required documents and we were not able to register them.

“Any person who wishes to still register may have to now do so in Fiji as registration overseas is not likely to be conducted until later next year,” she said.

Persons who will be voting by post will need to wait for the announcement of the Election date to register for Postal Voting.

The FEO would like to thank the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other stakeholders for their assistance in the coordination of logistics and other facilitation in host countries.


Please forward all media queries to the FEO Communications team at communications@localhost

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