voter information

A well informed community capable of actively participating in electoral processes is at the core of the FEO’s responsibility in implementing voter information and education initiatives. The FEO has successfully implemented different public outreach and voter education programmes during the 2014 General Election. There were about 220,000 registered voters equivalent to 37 per cent under the age of thirty [30] who had not voted in previous elections. Additionally, the electoral system had changed resulting in a completely new ballot paper. The FEO focused its voter education programme on procedural matters such as how to cast a valid vote, where to vote and assistance available at the polling station.

The FEO emphasizes its efforts to further increase community awareness about registration and voting, especially in remote areas and among vulnerable groups. Furthermore, the FEO acknowledges the important role of electoral stakeholders in the electoral process through the dissemination of information materials, the development of a communications strategy and an up-to-date website.

As per the FEO’s five [5] Strategic Plan, the two [2] main objectives highlighting voter information are:

Objective 1: Increase voter turnout in the 2018 General Election by empowering communities to participate and vote in elections.

The FEO will increase community awareness on elections by developing and implementing programmes for schools, education institutions, stakeholders with special needs and the general public. Furthermore, the FEO will develop a programme targeting new eligible voters to register and participate in the next General Election.

Objective 2: Develop and implement an information plan for stakeholders.

The FEO will formulate and implement an information plan which includes maintaining of the FEO website and verifying information for accuracy prior to uploading and dissemination of FEO newsletter, delivering press release and organising press conferences and talkback programmes through mass media.