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Unity Fiji Representative referred to FICAC

The Supervisor of Elections [‘SoE’], has today referred Ratu Jope Naucabalavu, a representative of Unity Fiji to the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption [‘FICAC’] for a probable breach of Section 114 (1) of the Electoral Act.

Section 114 (1) of the Electoral Act 2014 states:

“During the campaign period it shall be unlawful for political parties, candidates and their representatives, either personally or through other persons, to give or offer to any citizen money, gifts, material goods of any value (except for campaign material) or services free of charge, to sell goods or services to persons at a preferential price, or to promise to provide any monetary fund, gift, material goods or services of any value for the purpose of gaining or influencing votes.”

The SoE received a complaint from a member of the public highlighting a Facebook post in which the representative of Unity Fiji agreed to sponsor a set of rugby uniforms in return for a pledge of support to Unity Fiji by a rugby club.

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