New registrations are for people who have just turned eighteen [18] years old. The FEO is conducting registrations so that the voter roll is up to date. Fiji has a voluntary voting system, therefore the FEO has to ensure that as far as possible, we capture all eligible voters on the National Register of Voters [NRV]. Once your name is on the roll, it remains there unless your name needs to be removed due to either death or other factors, such as conviction of offence(s) and imprisonment for two [2] years. If any of your details change, for example your address or name, then you can update that with the FEO at no cost.
The FEO is targeting newly eligible voters but anyone can register at any stage up until the day the Writ is issued.
According to the Constitution of the Republic of Fiji 2013, the next General Election may not be held until at least three [3] years and six [6] months after the first sitting of parliament, after the last General Election. The last General Election was on 14 November 2018, and the first parliament sitting was on 25 November 2018 after the last General Election. That means the earliest possible date for issuance of Writ is 26 May 2022
If you are already registered, you do not need to register again. However, if you are holding onto VoterCard 1.0 which is the green coloured VoterCard, then you must update it to VoterCard 2.0 (blue coloured VoterCard). The green coloured VoterCard will expire on 30 June 2021. Also if your name or address changes, then you must update your details by visiting any of the FEO Voter Services Centres and completing the relevant forms. The FEO staff will then update the information as well as give you a replacement VoterCard.
You can visit any of the FEO Voter Services Centres in Suva, Lautoka or Labasa and fill out a ‘Application for Replacement of EVR Card’ form. You will be required to bring the original or a certified true copy of your birth certificate.
Yes, you would need to fill in a ‘Application To Correct/ Change of Voter Details’ form. The FEO will update your details on the database and issue a replacement VoterCard.
Advise him to fill out a ‘Application to Register as Voter’ form. He will need to bring the original or a certified true copy of his birth certificate and a valid photo ID to any of the FEO Voter Services Centres in Suva, Lautoka or Labasa. Remember, he must be physically present.
Yes, certainly as she will be above eighteen [18] years of age in 2022. The voter registration process will continue until then. When your daughter is eighteen [18] years old, she can register to vote. Remember she cannot vote without being registered. Once eighteen [18], she needs to visit any of the FEO Voter Services Centres with a valid photo ID and the original or a certified true copy of her birth certificate.
Yes, you can register. You will need to bring the following to any of our Voter Services Centres:
  1. the original or a certified true copy of your birth certificate and
  2. a valid photo ID, either:
    • valid Passport,
    • valid Driver’s License,
    • FNPF/FRCA Joint Card or
    • valid Student ID.
It takes approximately fifteen [15] minutes to register or update your details on our database. Please note that the printing of your EVR card will vary depending on the registration centre.
Registration in person is a compulsory requirement for security purposes. The FEO cannot register anyone who is not present in person with the necessary identification requirements.