Statement by the Director Operations Ms Anaseini Senimoli

FEO Teams Deployed to Lau

Tuesday 6 June 2017


Bula Vinaka Ladies and Gentlemen.

Thank you for your attendance this morning.

As part of the current Nationwide Voter Registration Drive, we will be deploying 45 staff to the Lau Group for the next 20 days.

The team will be travelling on-board MV Iloilovatu that departs Narain Jetty on 7 June, 2017. The FEO wishes to extend its sincere appreciation to Government Shipping Services for their continued cooperation in all our projects.

As part of this exercise our teams will visit the following islands in this order:

  1. Moala
  2. Totoya
  3. Matuku
  4. Ono-i-Lau
  5. Vatoa
  6. Fulaga
  7. Ogea
  8. Kabara
  9. Namuka-i-Lau
  10. Komo
  11. Moce
  12. Oneata
  13. Lakeba
  14. Vanuavatu
  15. Cicia
  16. Tuvuca
  17. Nayau
  18. Vanuabalavu
  19. Avea
  20. Cikobia
  21. Namalata
  22. Mago
  23. Naitauba
  24. Yacata

The FEO has identified 72 polling venues in the Lau Group for the next General Election, all of which will be Pre-Poll venues. Our teams will also re-inspect all the polling locations as well as conduct voter awareness, informing voters that they will be doing Pre-Poll voting in 2018.

As at 20 April 2017, there are 6,641 Voters in the areas we will be covering. All eligible Fijians in the Lau group will have the opportunity to conveniently access the following services when our teams visit each community:

  • Electronic Voter Registration Upgrade to VoterCards 2.0Corrections and Change of Voter Details
  • Visit to 5 secondary schools in the Lau Group
  • Check personal details on the National Register of Voters
  • Reassessment of Polling Venues
  • Verification of deceased Voters

The FEO is deploying 15 teams to 24 Islands, including schools. We also have a mobile team which will visit individuals in their homes, should they have difficulties coming to the venues. This is designed to assist the elderly and those living with disabilities.

All Fijians must bring their birth certificate and a valid photo ID in order to register. In the event that anyone should not have a valid photo ID, the Election Officials will require that the voter’s identity be verified by a parent or the Turaga ni Koro, who must be a registered voter.

The 2017 Nationwide Voter Registration Drive ends on I July, 2017.

We request for the assistance of the media in getting this information out to the people in the Lau Group, so that they may take full advantage of the opportunity to access voter services.

Vinaka Vakalevu.