Fijian Elections Office calls on voters to update details before the end of Nationwide Registration Drive

07 July, 2017

The Fijian Elections Office [FEO] is calling on Fijians who intend to apply for positions as Election Officials for the 2018 General Election to ensure they are registered voters and that their details are accurate. To date we have assisted 200,475 voters as part of the Nationwide Voter Registration Drive. The FEO has registered 13,198 new voters, we have corrected the details of 29,388 voters and replaced 61,028 VoterCards. While these are high numbers, we are mindful that there are still many Fijians who have not accessed our services. It’s important to remember that one of the key requirements for applicants is to be a registered voter, and with the Nationwide Voter Registration Drive coming to an end tomorrow – now is the time. Fijians need to use the remaining time to access services, update their information in the National Register of Voters and obtain their VoterCard 2.0. When the Recruitment Drive begins on 28th July, 2017, applicants will have to present their VoterCard at the recruitment centre in order to proceed with their application. Anyone who is not a registered voter will not be considered for a position and the applicant won’t be able to proceed with the recruitment. The Fijian Elections Office has already announced the requirements for those who want to apply as Election Officials. We want to avoid a situation where applicants turn up at the recruitment centres and have to be turned away even before they get a chance to apply. We would like every Fijian to have an opportunity to work in the 2018 General Election – but YOU NEED TO REGISTER. This information is important because it will be used to assign polling venues to Election Officials. If we don’t have your correct residential address, you could be posted to a community where you no longer reside. Fijians still have time tomorrow to visit any of our Voter Service Centres or the Voter Registration Booths which have been set up in all four [4] divisions. Additionally, the FEO has today confirmed that there will be a registration team at the Pacific Harbour Arts Village from 9am to 3pm tomorrow so people in that area also have this same opportunity on the last day of the Nationwide Voter Registration Drive. The locations of our other teams are available on the FEO website and on our Facebook page. It also contains the closing time for each of the locations.



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