Appointment System for Day 1 of Recruitment Drive at Kshatriya Hall in Suva

24th July, 2017

MEDIA RELEASE                                                                                                              For Immediate Release

The Fijian Elections Office has so far received a significant number of enquiries in relation to our 2018 General Election – Election Officials Recruitment Drive.

With this impressive amount of interest, the Fijian Elections Office would like to today emphasize that we will be running the entire recruitment drive in various recruitment centres for a whole month.

Therefore, it is necessary that we clarify that not everybody has to rush in on the first day. Whilst we have made this clear today, we still acknowledge that there may be a lot of interest to come and apply on the very first day.

“The Recruitment Drive for Election Officials will run for a whole month and therefore there is no reason for anyone to rush in all at once,” says Fijian Elections Office Stakeholder Awareness Coordinator Edwin Nand.

“To facilitate a smooth operation on the first day, we have developed a registration system for time slots on the first day to allow anyone who is interested, to book a time slot and come in and attend the recruitment session on 28th July 2017.”

We would like to clarify that the 28th is the only day in July on which this recruitment will take place, the rest of the drive will be from the 1st of August until the times as stated in the advertisements.

“Once again we would like to remind all Fijians that it is NOT necessary that everybody comes on the first day, but to ensure that the process and transition are smooth, we will only be allowing those who have registered online for a time slot to come and apply.”

Please go to and book a time slot as per your convenience to come in and apply on 28th of July in Suva.

We will only be issuing 700 bookings for this day and therefore anyone who is unable to get an appointment can come in and apply at a later date.

Please note that after July 28th, appointments and bookings will not be required.

This also allows Fijians time to get their details in order and ensure they have their FNPF Card number, their Joint ID Card, their bank details and their VoterCard.



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