How to be an Accredited Polling Agent

Pursuant to section 45 of the Electoral Act, 2014, you can only become a Polling Agent if you are appointed either by an independent candidate or any registered party contesting the 2018 General Election.

To be appointed you must obtain a duly completed Polling Agent Appointment Form [“form”] signed by the registered Party Officer or Independent Candidate.

NOTE: You are required to produce only one form when visiting various polling stations and other designated observation areas.

Designated Observation Areas

The following areas have been approved as designated places that polling agents can access for observation:

  1. Ballot Paper Production Area (Venue TBC)
  2. Postal Voting Packing (Venue TBC)
  3. Printing of Final Voter Lists (Venue TBC)
  4. Packing of Sensitive Election Materials (Venue TBC)
  5. Verification of Postal ballots (Venue TBC)
  6. National Count Centre (Venue TBC)
  7. National Results Centre (Venue TBC)

NOTE: Only one agent per political party or per independent candidate is allowed in the designated area at any one time.

When to Produce Polling Agent Appointment Form

Before entering the polling station and other designated observation areas you will be required to produce before the Presiding Officer [‘PO’] or other authorized persons your completed form.

The PO will sight the form. If the PO is satisfied that the form has been completed they will hold on to the form and give you the Code of Conduct to read. Once you have read and understood the Code of Conduct you must then sign in the Attendance of Polling Agents.

NOTE: If you have been appointed to be at a designated observation area you must ensure that your completed form is submitted to the Fijian Elections Office [“FEO”] prior to attending the observation area.

Code of Conduct

Every person who participates in the 2018 General Election as an accredited polling agent must read and understand this Code of Conduct.

  1. I will follow all instructions of the Presiding Officer.
  2. I will communicate only with the Presiding Officer.
  3. I will not interfere with any of the electoral processes.
  4. I will not touch any electoral materials while observing the electoral processes.
  5. I will not attempt to assist the Polling Day Workers with their duties.
  6. I will not use any electronic devices inside the polling station.
  7. If I have a complaint I will liaise only with the Presiding Officer.
  8. I will maintain proper personal behavior, respect for others, exercise sound judgment in my personal interactions and observe the highest level of professional conduct at all times.

Polling Agent Badge

After signing the Code of Conduct you will be given the Polling Agent Badge [“badge”] by the Presiding Officer or other authorized persons. You must wear this badge at all times when observing any electoral processes either in the polling stations or approved designated observation areas.

All political parties and independent candidates contesting the 2018 General Election will need to liaise Mr. Mesake Dawai at the Fijian Elections Office for all their Polling Agent Accreditation queries. He is available on Telephone: 3310 725 or on email:

Form for Appointment of Polling Agents