Industrial Elections

Section 154 of the Electoral Act 2014, states that the Fijian Elections Office shall be responsible for the conduct of elections of all registered Trade Unions, municipalities and such other elections as determined by the Minister responsible for elections.

Under the leadership and guidance of the Supervisor of Elections (SoE) and the Director Operations, there is an Industrial Elections (IE) Coordinator and an Operations Planning Officer, who coordinate the planning and implementation of all Industrial Elections.

There are altogether forty seven (47) registered Trade Unions in Fiji. In this year alone, the Fijian Elections Office has conducted twenty four (24) National Elections and a hundred (100) Branch Elections. Out of all these elections, sixty percent (60%) were contested, and forty percent (40%) were uncontested.

The Industrial Elections arm of the Fijian Elections Office also conducts awareness to registered trade unions. In May and June this year, they conducted awareness to Trade Union members in the North, Central and in the West too.

So far, the Fijian Elections Office has not faced any serious problems in the conduct of Industrial Elections and we hope to maintain a positive working relationship with all Trade Unions in the years to come.

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