Pursuant to section 119 of the Electoral Act , 2014 the Minister Responsible for Election [Minister] may appoint or invite any person, organisation or entity to be Observers for any election on such Terms of Reference as determined by the Minister.

In order to be an accredited Observer in the 2018 General Election you must obtain approval from the Minister.

Once approval is granted from the Minister you are then required to submit the following to the Fijian Elections Office:

A completed 2018 Accreditation of Observer Form (one (1) for Each Applicant); and
One (1) coloured digital photograph (50 x 50mm) of the Applicant. This must be taken with a white coloured background as it will be used on the Accreditation Badge.
This can be submitted to the following addresses:

Email: observerinfo@feo.org.fj
Hand Delivered: 59-63 High Street Toorak, Suva.
For any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us on observerinfo@feo.org.fj

2018 Accreditation of Observers Form

Notice 60(1A) Authorised Materials for Observers

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