FAQ: Election Officials

Election Officials FAQ

The Fijian Elections Office is recruiting 18,000 staff to work on Election Day or as Pre-poll staff.
  • Presiding Officer [PO]
  • Assistant Presiding Officer [APO]
  • Polling Day Worker [PDW]
  • Venue Queue Coordinator [VQC]
  • Pre-poll staff
  • Count Team
  • Hub Leaders
  • Any registered voter in Fiji can apply.
  • All the Election Officials who have worked during the 2018 General Elections either on Election Day or Pre-poll.
  • Political neutrality
  • Good literacy and numeracy skills
  • Available for the days required
  • Contactable via mobile phone
Phase 1: Returning of 2018 Election Officials Phase 2: General Recruitment Drive (Targeted areas) and Phase 3: General Reserve (Mini) Recruitment Drive
  • Applicants will come to the recruitment centre on the dates and locations advertised (see daily newspapers or FEO website)
  • Complete application on a computer (20 mins)
  • Sit literacy/numeracy test (20mins)
  • Verify application details and sign
  • Voter Registration Card
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN letter from FRCA)
  • FNPF Number (FNPF Card or letter from FNPF)
  • Bank details (Bank statement or deposit slip to identify name and bank account number)
  • Active M-Paisa account details
  • The dates and time of the Election Officials Recruitment Drive will be published in the newspapers and will be available on the FEO website www.feo.org.fj
  • The Recruitment Drive runs in 3 different phase as follows:
    1. Phase 1- 01 September 2021 till 15 October 2021
    2. Phase 2- 10 January 2022 till 11 February 2022
    3. Phase 3- 01 March 2022 till 31 March 2022
  • As long as all your payroll details (bank account, M-Paisa, TIN, FNPF) are correct, payment is facilitated within fourteen to twenty-one (14-21) days after the 2022 General Elections.
  • However, if there are changes in any of these details, please contact the Election Officials section on email eofficials@feo.org.fj for updating.
You will get a Certificate of Employment which you can collect from an FEO office near you, about a month after the General Elections.
You do not need an individual letter as FNPF has a record of all those who have worked for the FEO and know that they have now completed their employment with the FEO. When you apply to withdraw your funds, you need to mention that you have worked for the FEO.
The first training will take place in December 2021 and throughout the beginning of March 2022. The full day training for POs, APOs will take place in January or February 2022.
  • The training department of the Fijian Election Office will contact the EO’s with the date, time and venue of the Refresher Training.
  • Thus, if you are an Election Official, update your contact details with the Election official Unit on email on eofficials@feo.org.fj if there are any changes.
The Pre-poll package includes salary, incidental and hardship allowance. A Pre-poll Official will be paid according to their designation.
  • PO - $111 per day
  • APO - $ 91 per day
  • PDW - $72 per day
The Maritime Pre-poll Officials will be paid an advance salary payment of $100 before Pre-poll deployment.
  • The Polling Day package includes salary, incidental and meal and training allowance.
  • A Polling Day Official will be paid according to their designation.
    1. PO - $420.00
    2. APO - $250.00
    3. PDW - $180.00
    4. VQC- $110.00
  • The Polling Day Officials will not be paid an advance salary and there will be no-part payment of salary.
  • Yes, you may vote at the Polling station where you will be working during the 2022 General Elections.
  • The Fijian Elections Office will generate an Absentee Certificate which will enable them to vote at a polling station that is not their designated polling station.
  • You will be replaced by the next Election Official applicant from the reserve listing. Your contract will be null and void.
  • If you are not coming to work then notify the Presiding Officer of the Polling Station as soon as you know you cannot attend.
Advice the following:
  • What is your App Ref number or EVR number
  • Full name
  • Contact details
  • Bank Account details
  • M-Paisa details (if applicable)
Advise him/her that Election Officials section will be notified, who will get in contact with the applicant, or the applicant can drop an email on eofficials@feo.org.fj with their queries.
  • You will find out if you are being offered a job either by an SMS or telephone call on the mobile number provided during your application.
  • If you have changed your mobile contact or address, ensure you contact the Election Officials team by email eofficials@feo.org.fj.
  • No, you cannot use someone else’s bank account. You must have a bank account in your own name or a joint account. The FEO will not be responsible if any other party withdraws your money.
  • In case you don’t have a bank account, then you can get an active M-Paisa account for salary and allowance payment.
Yes, you can still apply, but your application will not be processed further until you provide all those details.
You have to change your address on your EVR card so that the system can identify which polling venues are closer to where you live.
You will have to be registered voter in order to work for the FEO.
During your application with the Fijian Elections Office, you will be issued with the Application Reference Number [AppRef], which you must use while making any enquiries with FEO or with the RA’s at the recruitment centres.
You may apply if you are a party member, but you will need to resign if you are offered employment with the Fijian Elections Office. You will need to submit a copy of your resignation letter to the FEO.
You can apply to work for the FEO even if you work for another employer, but you must be able to work on Polling Day, and be able to attend the relevant training day(s). You will be charged secondary tax on your earnings for FEO.
Anyone can bring in your missing account details once you have filed your application. They will need to initial your application where the information is recorded and identify their relationship to you.
No, the online application will only enable you to apply for the positions within your designated nearby polling stations/ venues. However; the FEO may shift polling day staff, if required, at its own cost. This would be in negotiation with you if this happens.
The FEO will need to contact you on a number of occasions between now and the General Election so we prefer it if you have your own. If your friend/family member can be trusted to pass on messages though, that will be fine.
No, the system will not allow you to do this, as it already has a record of your first application with your EVR number.
Ask: Have you applied before? If you have, then your EVR number has already been recorded and you can’t apply more than once.
The marks will not be released. They are used to identify who is suitable to be considered for work in different positions on Polling Day.
We will not release that information to the applicant. This is an assessment criterion and is used for allocation purposes only.
If you have a criminal record within the last 10 years, you will simply be not allowed to work for the FEO. Suggest that you make an application to the Fiji Police to have your criminal records removed. You will be required to pay a fee. You can then bring the ‘removed’ certificate to the FEO.
All FEO appointments are made on merit. This means you will have to score well in the job test questionnaire, and then also after the half day training. The trainer and his/her assistant will also be looking at both your interpersonal and your technical skills shown during that training, which includes demonstrating your leadership qualities and your ability to understand and fulfil the duties of the role.
Yes you can apply, however you should be medically fit as there will be some need for heavy lifting and the ability to stand for long hours required at the Polling Station.
The duration of the contract is for one day only for Election Day whilst up to 10 days for Pre-Poll Voting.