The Fijian Elections Office launched its “Election Visitor Program [EVP]” on 22 October, 2018. Under this program, the FEO invited regional electoral practitioners as well as interested Fijians to participate and see the Fijian Elections from the inside.

Through the Election Visitor Program, participants were able to understand theoretically the Fijian Electoral Framework as well as observe the operations that were being undertaken in the field.  Engaging local participants in the EVP also added great value to the Program, as it broadened the perspective of regional participants through interaction with local participants – as well as providing a platform for interested Fijians to learn about election management not only in Fiji, but also across the Region.  

Selection of the local participants was based on the submission of Expressions of Interest [EoIs] to the FEO, which were screened based on merit, interest and the outcomes the participant wishes to achieve from the Program.  The FEO had received a total of 14 EoIs from which, 5 participants were selected.

Read more on page 98 of the Final Report by the Supervisor of Elections: