Election Planning Workshop Completed

The Election Planning Workshop was held from July 17-19 at the Holiday Inn, Suva. The Workshop was attended by the Electoral Commissioners, Supervisor of Elections as well as various departmental heads within the Fijian Elections Office.

The objective of this Workshop was to ensure that all projects and activities from the Strategic Plan are revised and up to date, leading up to the 2018 General Election. It was also essential to ensure that vital election functions are critically analyzed and challenges are identified, so that these can be addressed ahead of election time. Logistics planning, Nationwide and Overseas Voter Registration Drives, postal voting, as well as opening of Divisional Offices and Voter Services Centers were among some of the key areas that were discussed in detail.

Amongst the key outcomes of the Workshop, was to have an updated calendar of events and awareness plan leading up to the 2018 General Election. The Logistics Plan, Recruitment Plan, and Training Plan were also finalized.

One of the groundbreaking recommendations that came from the Workshop was the introduction of Hubs, as well as the demarcation of duties between the Divisional Offices and the Hubs. The polling venue officials will now report to the Hubs, who will then report to the Divisional Offices.

Public outreach and awareness was identified as one of the key areas of focus for the Fijian Elections Office for the 2018 General Election. It is critical to keep the general public well informed in order to increase transparency and accountability in all aspects of the work of the Fijian Elections Office.

The successful completion of the Election Planning Workshop ensured that all internal stakeholders are aware of critical functions and timelines until issue of Writ for the 2018 General Election. The team agreed to have another Workshop to develop a similar plan covering the Period of Issue of Writ until the Return of Writ.

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