Statement by Supervisor of Elections

Mr Mohammed Saneem

Election Officials Continuous Engagement Programme

Suva – 28th April, 2018 – 11:00am

The Supervisor of Elections, Mr Mohammed Saneem

Bula vinaka members of the media and thank you for attending this media briefing.

For the past few weeks, the Fijian Elections Office has been engaged with the signing of contracts for Election Officials for the 2018 General Election.

At this stage, there are 5,681 Election Officials who have signed their contracts while 3,547 are left to sign. Persons who have not signed are urged to come over to our venues in the respective Divisions where your contracts are ready for signing.

We have come to a stage where the FEO is now able to activate our Election Officials Continuous Engagement Programme.

This is an effort to maintain our link and partnership with individuals who will be working on Election Day and in pre-polling.

From Wednesday, 2nd May until Saturday 5th May 2018, we will be providing 2018 General Election Manuals for Election Officials. These are the Presiding Officers Manual and the Polling Day Workers Manual.

These manuals are a vital resource for persons who will be working on Election Day to deliver the 2018 General Election. They contain the necessary instructions on what Election Officials are expected to do in their specific roles within the Polling Venues.

The manuals have been designed as a comprehensive guide on conducting polling, reconciliation of ballot papers and counting of votes at every polling venue.

We urge all Election Officials to read their manuals in their own time so that they don’t forget their training. You will also be able to brush up on your knowledge once the Election Date is announced.

We have published on our website and facebook pages – the list of venues for the Central, Western and Northern Division where Election Officials can collect their copies of the manual.

We will be based in all towns and cities in the two main islands while a team will be in Taveuni. Our staff will also set up in heavily populated areas such as Nakasi and Seaqaqa.

The Fijian Elections Office will also be providing Election Official Packages or Goodie Bags containing promotional items for the 2018 General Election.

Those who turn up to receive their packages will be eligible for an allowance of $15. This allowance is NOT deducted from your final pay.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Continuous Engagement Programme applies to all Election Officials who have signed their contracts.

In order to receive their packages, Election Officials must present a copy of their signed contracts to our teams.

For individuals who have been contacted by the FEO, but have not signed their contracts, this is the perfect opportunity to sign up and receive your Election Officials package. These persons will also be eligible for the $15 allowance.

We look forward to seeing our Election Officials at these venues.