Proposed Mission

Our mission as Fiji’s election management body is to implement internationally recognized election best practices in accordance with the law; effectively regulate political parties; and, efficiently register eligible Fijians to ensure that we deliver the highest quality of election services under the supervision of The Electoral Commission.

Proposed Vision

Our vision is to be recognised as a professional institution that conducts fair and credible elections broadly representing the will of the Fijian people.

Proposed Guiding Principles

  • Right to vote – Every citizen over the age of 18 years has the right to vote by secret ballot.
  • One person, one vote, one value- Every voter has one vote, with each vote of being equal value.
  • A credible single National Register of Voters- Every registered voter shall be listed on a single National Register of Voters.
  • Independence, Impartiality and Neutrality – The Fijian Elections Office is an independent body and shows no preference in either speech or action for any individual candidate or political party.
  • Excellence in Service Delivery – Provide highest quality of electoral services to all Fijians in a professional, effective and timely manner.
  • Good Governance – The Fijian Elections Office values accountability, honesty, integrity and transparency in all its transactions and will ensure that all legislative disclosures are properly and adequately done.
  • Participation – Empowering every Fijian to take ownership of the election through active involvement.
  • Innovation – strive towards continuous, innovative and practical solutions to contribute toward the evolution of electoral practises in Fiji.
  • Verifiability-  In Elections, to mechanise FEO’s processes so that given the same data and assumption, an independent and impartial Observer can produce the same results.

Proposed Strategic Pillars

  • Upholding the Legal Framework in delivering the Election.
  • Strengthening the FEO’s Institutional and Human Capacity.
  • Delivering Election operations based on thorough planning and research.
  • Strengthening electoral participation through effective outreach and engagement programs.
  • Adapting the latest and current technologies to enhance the efficiency of the delivery of FEO Objectives.
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