Complaint Form Instructions

A Complaint Form may be used during the Fijian Elections.  This form may be submitted to the Fijian Elections Office [“FEO”] or the Presiding Officer [“PO”] at the Polling Venues.

NOTE: ALL complaints relating to election results must follow the process pursuant to section 99 of the Electoral Act 2014. This form is NOT used for that process.

This form may only be submitted by those Complainants if:

  • The PO refuses to recognize or address any substantial breach; or
  • You reasonably believe that a violation of the Electoral Act or other laws has occurred during the voter registration, political party registration, campaign, postal voting, pre-polling, polling or count.

Complainants may submit this form to the PO at the polling venue or to the FEO. It is important that all the information you provide is accurate and that you are not filing a false claim. You must sign the form knowing that the information you give is true.

Tips for completing a Complaint form

  • Please provide full name and contact information for the complainant. The complainant must be available to answer questions about the complaint or grievance.
  • Please describe in detail the circumstances of the complaint or grievance. Provide the location of the complaint, names of individuals involved, actions taken, and what is believed to be the electoral offence.
  • If there are witnesses, the witness(es)’ name and accurate phone numbers must be provided.
  • If you have evidence, you must submit it with this form. Submission of evidence or information after the form is submitted will be rejected and will not be used to support your complaint or grievance.

What will happen next

  • Your complaint form will be reviewed by the SoE.
  • A decision will be delivered in writing to you.
  • Political Parties and Candidates may appeal this decision to the Electoral Commission.
  • All completed forms can be sent to or dropped off at the Fijian Elections Office Headquarters at 59-63 High Street, Toorak, Suva.