Know Your Election Awareness Campaign Launch – Mr Aisake Saukawa

 Statement by Voter Services Coordinator

Mr Aisake Saukawa

Know Your Election Awareness Campaign Launch

GPH – Suva – 14th March, 2018 – 9.00am

Voter Services Center Coordinator – Mr Aisake Suakawa

The Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Electoral Commissioners, Representatives of the Diplomatic Corp, The Supervisor of Elections, Distinguished Invited Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Ni sa Bula Vinaka and a very good morning to you all.

This morning, we launch this ‘2018 Know Your Election’ Awareness Campaign to educate and inform all Fijian Voters on the Electoral Process.

As such, we have developed this awareness campaign where FEO Voter Awareness Assistants will be visiting all communities, settlements and villages around the country.

During these visits, we aim to provide information on voters’ rights and obligations in the electoral process and explain the importance and process of voting.

Ladies and gentlemen, there will be 45 Voter Awareness teams which will consist of 3 VAA & a Driver per team. They have been trained and will be deployed from tomorrow, travelling quite extensively nation-wide for the next six weeks.

On display today before you ladies & gentlemen are the 3D model of a Polling Station, flipcharts, the Election Information Booklet and awareness material that will be used by the teams during the campaign.

The main tool which will be used to inform and educate voters is the Election Information Booklet which has been translated into the Hindustani, Chinese, Banaban, Itaukei & Rotuman languages so that Fijians all over the country are able to read and understand its content at their leisure.

We have targeted locations which are central to a community, settlement or village and have solicited the assistance of Turaga ni Koro’s, District Advisory Councilors and community leaders to inform their residents of this awareness session when our teams visit the locations. This information has already been disseminated to all communities through pocket meetings conducted by FEO Divisional Teams with DAC members and Turaga Ni Koro and using the wider network of Provincial Council office and Provincial Administrators/District Officers office. This information has also been advertised in the newspaper and will be circulated widely on all media platforms available. FEO will continue to advertise the Awareness Schedule on a weekly basis for the next 6 weeks.

Ladies and gentlemen, we will be starting our campaign tomorrow and in doing so adhering to the roll out strategy of “Rural to Urban Approach”.

This awareness campaign is an apolitical exercise simply concerned with informing voters and potential voters to make an informed decision when they turn up to a polling station to mark their ballot paper.

Ladies and gentlemen, during this campaign, our teams will also provide Voter Services so if you have not registered yet, do not worry, we will come to you and you can register.

If you have lost or misplaced your VoterCard and need replacement cards or need to change details on your Card, we encourage you to inform our team and they will assist you.

There will also be surveys would be conducted and then analyzed to determine the strengths, weaknesses and learning outcomes of the Know Your Election Awareness Campaign.

In conclusion I wish to mention FEOs heartfelt appreciation to all stakeholders who have contributed in many ways to the pre-roll out planning exercise and we look forward to getting this message as wide and as far as possible, to every Fijian nationwide.

Thank you very much and Vinaka Vakalevu.


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