First Aid and CPR Training

Address by Supervisor of Elections,

Mr Mohammed Saneem

First Aid and CPR Training

16 November 2016




Mr. Riaz, Facilitator Fiji Red Cross


Bula Vinaka and a very good morning to you all


I warmly welcome you to this two-day First Aid & CPR Training.


For most participants this is the first time to attend this Fijian Electoral Education Centre (FEEC) organized training on First Aid and CPR which is in line with Fijian Elections Office [FEO] Strategic Goal: 8 Objective 3 which is to provide capacity building programs for the Fijian Elections Office staff.


It is important for everyone to have basic knowledge on first aid. This is because the first assistance or treatment, which is given to a person in case of sudden injury or illness prior to getting professional care is significantly important in saving the lives, promote recovery and to prevent further damage to injured person.


Not every incident that requires first aid is a life-or-death situation, but first aid can help in minor incidents. You will get all the information you need from this training – and I am confident you will remember it when you are faced with real life situation.


We know you won’t always have specialist first aid equipment on hand, but this training will show you how to improvise in an emergency. After all this is “first aid” – you need to be able to act before the professionals get there.


Imagine everything that First aid may help to improve; from the outcome of many accidents, before professional medical help arrives. Such help may at times make a difference between life and death.  To sustaining the injured and helping prevent the condition from worsening. First Aid can also help hasten recovery in some situations. If I had to choose another good substitute for the term “first aid”, it would be “miracle”.


You would be pleased to know that being first aid ready is essentially easy. Done with your family and friends it can also be fun. As you will all to get to witness from the exhibits and demonstrations today and tomorrow, it doesn’t take much to learn how to bandage a fractured arm, stem bleeding, help a chocking victim or provide cardio pulmonary resuscitation(CPR) or the ‘kiss of life’ [as it is affectionately called] to someone who has lost consciousness and is not breathing. Acquiring these skills could in future help a family member, a friend or your next-door neighbor.


I also want to talk to you about worker safety. Every year, numerous workers are injured around the world which results in them missing work. Thankfully, at the FEO our safety record is better than the general workforce.


Whilst our workplace safety figures is not a concern, as your employer, as your Supervisor, I am responsible and devoted to creating a habit of excellence. I believe that safety will be an indicator that we’re making progress in changing our habits across the entire organisation. That’s how we should be judged.


I am indeed very encouraged to see all invited staff present this morning and would like to commend FEEC for organizing this two-days training.


I am also be very encouraged to see the participation of the Fiji Red Cross  in joining hands with FEO to heighten awareness of the importance of first aid in our workplace and thereon, our community.


Which is why we’re grateful that Red Cross, an organization that is well known for its disaster response activities, will be assisting in this training. As an organisation which primes itself for emergency and disaster response, it plays an integral role in promoting first aid readiness and equipping Fijians with lifesaving skills that would not only be useful during disasters, but also to face emergencies when they occur in daily situations.


I would like to take the opportunity to wish all participants well during this two-day training and also congratulate you in advance. You have certainly helped to reinforce the importance of first aid in this organisation.


Remember First aid doesn’t just facilitate recovery. It helps save lives.


Thank you and Vinaka Vakalevu


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