Pursuant to section 115 of the Electoral Act, 2014, any person, entity or organisation (including any person employed or engaged by any such person, entity or organisation) [‘Applicant’] that receives any funding or assistance from a foreign government, inter-governmental or non-governmental organisation or multilateral agency to engage in, participate in or conduct any campaign (including organizing debates, public forum, meetings, interviews, panel discussions, or publishing any material) [‘Activity’] that is related to the election or any election issue or matter will be required to seek approval from the Supervisor of Elections prior to undertaking the Activity.

Applicants must submit a completed ‘Application for Approval under section 115 of the Electoral Act 2014 Form’ to the Fijian Elections Office [‘FEO’] no later than fourteen (14) days before the proposed commencement of the Activity.

Application forms must accompany any content/material or prop and particulars of the Activity in sufficient quantity and form to allow the FEO to make the necessary compliance checks prior to granting approval.

The FEO may peruse materials submitted to it, and in order to facilitate approval, may require for revision or amendment of particular portions of the materials in the case of publications.

The FEO will give regard to the accuracy of the description of election procedures explained in the materials to be utilized in the Activity when considering approvals. Depending on the nature of the materials submitted to the FEO, decisions will ideally be made known to the Applicant within twenty-four (24) hours of the receipt of the application.

Applications can be submitted to the following addresses:

Email:  csoinfo@feo.org.fj

Hand delivered: Fijian Elections Office, 59-63 High Street, Toorak, Suva.

For any further clarifications please do not hesitate to email csoinfo@feo.org.fj.