[lsvr_accordion toggle=”yes” custom_class=”page-header”][lsvr_accordion_item title=”When will the next General Election be held?” icon=”fa fa-plus”]According to the Constitution of the Republic of Fiji 2013, the next General Election may not be held until at least three [3] years and six [6] months after the first sitting of parliament, after the last General Election.  The last General Election was on 17 September 2014, and first parliament sitting was on the 6 October 2014 after the last General Election. That means the next General Election will be held sometime between April and October 2018.[/lsvr_accordion_item][lsvr_accordion_item title=”I registered for the 2014 general election. Do i need to register again for the 2018 election?” icon=”fa fa-plus”]If you are already registered, you do not need to register again. Your Electronic Voter Registration [EVR] card is valid for the next election. Once your name is on the roll, it remains there unless your name needs to be removed due to either death or other factors, such as conviction of offence(s) and imprisonment for two [2] years. However, if your name or address changes, then you must update your details by visiting any Voter Services Centre and complete the relevant forms. The FEO staff will then update the information as well as give you a replacement EVR card.[/lsvr_accordion_item][lsvr_accordion_item title=”I have lost my card, what can I do?” icon=”fa fa-plus”]You can visit the Voter Services Centre in Suva, Lautoka and Labasa and fill a replacement EVR form. You will be able to collect a replacement card in a weeks’ time for Central division and in two weeks’ time for Northern and Western divisions.[/lsvr_accordion_item][lsvr_accordion_item title=”Can I collect my son’s replacement EVR card?” icon=”fa fa-plus”]No third person is allowed to collect someone else’s EVR card as that person needs to be physically present. The FEO needs to verify that it is the same person and then issue the EVR card.[/lsvr_accordion_item][lsvr_accordion_item title=”I have moved to Suva now, so do I need to change my details?” icon=”fa fa-plus”]Yes, you would need to fill in a ‘Change of Address’ form. The FEO will update your details on the database and print a replacement card. You can collect the card in a weeks’ time.[/lsvr_accordion_item][lsvr_accordion_item title=”My dad is at home and he has never registered, what can he do?” icon=”fa fa-plus”]Advise him to complete a ‘Registration Form’. He would need to bring his birth certificate and any valid photo ID to the Voter Services Centre in Suva, Lautoka or Labasa. Remember, he must be physically present. If he is not able to physically visit the Voter Services Centre due to injury or disability, then contact the FEO team on info@feo.org.fj to arrange for a mobile EVR team to visit him.[/lsvr_accordion_item][lsvr_accordion_item title=”I am eighteen (18) years old, can I register to vote? What are the requirements?” icon=”fa fa-plus”]Yes, you can register. You will need to take your birth certificate and a valid photo ID such as the FNPF card, Social Welfare card, valid passport or student ID to a Voter Services Center.[/lsvr_accordion_item][lsvr_accordion_item title=”How long does it take to register or update my details?” icon=”fa fa-plus”]It takes approximately fifteen [15] minutes to register or update your details on our database. Please note that the printing of your EVR card will vary depending on the Voter Services Centre.[/lsvr_accordion_item][lsvr_accordion_item title=”My grandmother has never registered, I have all her requirements with me. Can she be registered?” icon=”fa fa-plus”]Registration in person is a compulsory requirement for security purposes. The FEO cannot register anyone who is not present in person with the necessary identification requirements. If a person is not able to physically visit the Voter Services Centre due to injury or disability, then contact the FEO team on info@feo.org.fj to arrange for a mobile EVR team to visit the person at home.[/lsvr_accordion_item][lsvr_accordion_item title=”Do you have more registration drives for schools or is there only one?” icon=”fa fa-plus”]The school registration drive is an annual event. The 2018 drive was the fourth Electronic Voter Registration [EVR] phase – the first phase was undertaken in 2015.[/lsvr_accordion_item][/lsvr_accordion]