Following the completion of the 2014 General Election, the Fijian Elections Office [FEO], in its post-election period worked on developing and implementing a five [5] year Strategic Plan. The FEO’s Strategic Plan has given high priority to training and education for capacity building. This priority has provided the genesis of the Fijian Electoral Education Centre [FEEC] within the FEO in 2015.

The formation of FEEC is aligned to Goal Eight [8] of the Strategic Plan:

‘To enhance the knowledge and skills of Fijian Elections Office staff and stakeholders through training and capacity building’.

The six objectives of this goal describe the activities currently undertaken by the FEEC:

Objective 1: Establish the FEEC to offer both internal and external training on elections

Objective 2: Ascertain the training needs of FEO staff

Objective 3Provide capacity building programs for the FEO staff

Objective 4: Deliver electoral training programs to the relevant stakeholders

Objective 5: Review and develop operational training programs for the conduct of elections

Objective 6: Gain Accreditation for the establishment of the FEEC

In undertaking the above activities, the FEEC is also targeting to become a leading institution in providing electoral education in Fiji.

In 2016, FEEC organised sixty [60] programmes for FEO staff to fulfil the identified goal and objectives of the Strategic Plan. Fifty six [56] of the total programmes are Operational and Corporate training while four [4] programmes targeted capacity building training like Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Elections [BRIDGE] workshops.

For the first time, the FEEC organised a BRIDGE Module titled ‘Introduction to Electoral Administration’ for registered political parties from 9 to 11 November 2016 at the Southern Cross Conference Room in Suva.

This addressed the need for Political Party Agent training for the 2018 General Election, as highlighted by the Multinational Observer Group [MOG].

The MOG report stated that ‘more comprehensive training for party polling agents on their role and responsibilities in the electoral process should be provided by political parties or other responsible bodies’.

The FEEC will continue to improve on its standards to also offer electoral modules and collaborate with stakeholders and other Election Management Bodies [EMBs] to achieve its goal or target.

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