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The Fijian Elections Office [FEO] is an independent Electoral Management Body [EMB] formally established in March 2014 under the Electoral Act, 2014. The mandate of the FEO is to conduct general and other elections in Fiji. The headquarters of the FEO is based in Suva and it has two [2] other branches in Lautoka and Labasa. The FEO has also set up a Voter Services Centre [VSC] in heart of Suva City.

The Supervisor of Elections [SoE] is the head of the FEO and reports to the Electoral Commission [EC] under the legal framework. The FEO is made up of fifty two [52] core staff in the non-election years and up to three hundred and fifty [350] staff in an election year. The FEO’s strict adherence to merit based recruitment has allowed it to attract professional and committed personnel to deliver its mandate.

The FEO conducts procurement through an independent and transparent procurement and tendering process. The FEO also owns and maintains a fleet of vehicles and other equipment required to carry out its functions effectively.

The Government through the Ministry responsible for Elections issues the FEO with an annual grant from the National Budget. Donor partners also assist the FEO in the implementation of its mandate through financial and technical support. Staff who are not from Fiji are recruited following the approval of the Minister responsible for Elections.

The FEO is recognised as a centre for electoral information in Fiji. The FEO also analyses electoral data collected during elections and from other sources to enhance the quality of its planning. The data is also used to produce literature on elections in Fiji for reference purposes.

In the period between national elections, the FEO conducts capacity building programmes for all Fijians about elections. The FEO also conducts in-house training for its long term and short term staff.

The FEO administers the conduct of Voter Registration and also administers Political Party Registrations and Disclosures. In addition to General Elections, the FEO has been tasked to conduct the Trade Union Elections.

In 2014, the FEO organised and conducted the Fijian General Election for the new fifty [50] members of Parliament under the 2013 Constitution. The Multi-National Observer Group [MOG] concluded that the 2014 General Election in Fiji was fair and broadly represented the will of the Fijian people. The 2014 General Election also saw the lowest number of invalid votes in Fiji’s history – 0.75 percent.

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