yuma english voice actor duel links

yuma english voice actor duel links

When Yuma activates the effect of that monster, he says "I banish Bacon Saver from the Grave to negate the attack!". Afterwards, Yuma said that he hasn't received his prize for becoming champion of the WDC, and reveals his wish to have one last Duel with Kite, saying they still have a score to settle. Later, Yuma, Tori and Bronk walked on a bridge as Yuma talked about the day's events. After the attack, Dr. Faker came clean about his actions and why he committed them. By sunrise, Yuma found another "King's Coin" and refused Nistro's offer to help fight the Barians, stating he must continue his dream of being a symbol of hope to children. This card cannot be used as a Synchro Material Monster. Yuma then questioned Dumon about the Barians being humans and why they had to fight Astral. As Yuma watch Kite and Shark bicker about how to find Ray, the tower shook and they race outside to see the Different Dimension Airship from the Emperor's Key outside. They also gained the ability to create "ZW" cards, among various other cards, all of which have the effects to deal with the situation the power was called for, such as "ZW - Unicorn Spear" and "ZW - Phoenix Bow" through an ability called "Shining Draw". I know I absolutely love the character and can't wait for him! [124] Vertix also seeks to repay his debt by helping Yuma save the world, often musing Yuma's actions gave his family back. Yuma followed a cat to a cat-themed mansion. Honestly, I'm glad we didn't get Eli back. voiced by Dan Green. Astral stated that "Utopia" is the power he has entrusted to Yuma and that he must use it to win the Duel. Like the three of them, his ace card, "Utopia" has 2500 ATK. [106] His next Duel with Vector saw the creation of "Rank-Up-Magic Numeron Force", which netted "Utopia" another upgrade called "Number C39: Utopia Ray Victory". After he and Trey shared a tearful goodbye, Yuma watched in anguish as the brothers were defeated and taken to the Barian World. He burst through the front doors screaming Tori's name, to find a parlor is full of more cats, and many statues and paintings of cats. After Yuma loses, Taiki says that his new goal is to never lose again. Successfully entering Heartland Tower, Yuma learned from Astral that Hart was here and decided to go see him. After the Quattro's win, Yuma challenged him to a Duel, but Shark arrives and challenged him too, but Quattro went away. [60] After realizing she can't stop Yuma from Dueling, she allows him to Duel as long as he doesn't overdo it. Eventually, Yuma tells Shark he doesn't want to see the way he is now, shocking him, followed by his stomach growling. The next day, Yuma and his friends looked at a normal Art's drawing of a samurai-hero Shark, which Yuma thought was cool. He hesitated, but Astral said that he had a card to help him win and told Yuma not to be afraid of the future without him by his side. After his Duel with Shark, he stopped stealing others Decks and the two eventually became friends. [106]. Yuma also mused on the events that happened since Astral left. This also let Nistro draw two cards, which he claimed as the reason for activating it. Nash said that he had understood Yuma for a long time, but added that friends who understood each other may stop being friends. Downhearted and depressed, Yuma also suffered from nightmares about facing Mizar and losing. [22], After obtaining "Number 96: Dark Mist", he and Bronk got into a fight over being reckless in the Duel. He then hopped onto Orbital 7 in glider mode and flew to Hart. Nelson returned to his normal self and reunited with his mother, causing Yuma to remember his own mother. [63], One day Yuma was late for school, and dashed across a crosswalk when traffic was cleared, but nearly got run over by someone on a motorcycle. causing him to crash into the boxes. For Yuma, his dream is to become the world’s greatest duelist. He finds himself reluctantly partnered with a Dueling spirit called Astral. [92] Mysteriously and secretly, Ray was also shown to watch Yuma from afar when others are not during any Duel he has with the Barian World's brainwashed minions or anything related with the Barian World and Yuma. While Astral proclaimed he would never forgot Yuma's words or the times they spent together, he told Yuma that he will fulfill the pact they signed together, leaving the boy confused.

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