yugioh v gnome

yugioh v gnome

", "What a joke." In exchange, my opponent takes no damage from battles involving it!". Zarc announced. "No! Yukio interjected from the side. Follow/Fav Yugioh: The Power of Four. In the first place, they were only created to serve as vessels that would facilitate the Demon Duelist's revival. Yuri, eager for the change in subject, gave his honest answer. Yugi frowned that his plan didn't work. Eventually, it disappeared and the image restored itself, showing that the battle was over with Kaiba victorious over Leo Akaba's minions. Leo desperately tried to reach her, but Ray turned away from her father, looking disappointed while shedding a tear. Yes, it must be his presence that's interfering. Yugi told him as the attack didn't stop. "Now, with my current Pendulum Scale, I can simultaneously summon Monsters with Levels 7 through 11. Then, since I control at least one Spellcaster-type Monster, I can activate the Spell Card Transmigrating Grand Magic. Pendulum Ruler can't attack again this turn!" "However, the path to Hell is paved with good intentions. If this card is destroyed, you can place it in your Pendulum Zone. Pendulum Ruler, attack Osiris the Sky Dragon! "You really need to watch that temper of yours, oh mighty Demon Duelist. "You wretch, what do you think you're doing!?". Reiji declared. With your newest ace gone and Pendulum Ruler on the field, you have no way of turning this situation around. Yuzu said to herself. Violet Poison Magician appeared on Yukio's field, swinging its whip in an erratic manner. Shortly afterwards, Leo's Monster was destroyed in a spectacular explosion that sent its controller skidding backwards. ", "I don't care what you will allow or not." Since I'm about to receive a direct attack, I can Special Summon a Level 4 or lower Pendulum Monster from my Graveyard or Extra Deck with its effects negated! 'Is he going to Summon that?!' Pendulum Ruler, strike done Osiris again! Following Yukio's words, Odd-Eyes Phantasma Dragon emerged from the column of light and landed on Yukio's field, with Persona Dragon taking its place. Joey and Tristan cheered at the same time. Two columns of light appeared on Yukio's sides, with his two Monsters rising to their top. "However, in order to prevent Academia from hacking the system, the intrusion penalty protocol is protected by several defensive measures that take a lot of time to disable. Yukio drew the top card of his Deck with a swift motion and presented it to Leo while smirking. "What are you two talking about?" Reiji praised them. Reiji remarked. Guided by destiny's hand, cross the walls of space and time and manifest a new possibility! "Dowsing Magician's effect activates." Ryo cursed under his breath. Draw! I have a feeling our fearless leader will need help sooner rather than later.". Then, gain Life Points equal to half the attack of the summoned Monster and negate the effects of a card on your opponent's field until the End Phase. She saw what Obelisk could do and asked herself what the "third" God was capable of…. Yuya soon discovered, though, that it would now do him no good. "This is the end, Tachibana Yukio! "You can't! Reiji confirmed as he too turned his Duel Disk on. The ensuing shockwave from the clash of the two caused several buildings around the area to crack. Level 7! This can be activated in my hand if at least one Pendulum Monster with more than 2000 Attack Points goes to my Extra Deck in the previous turn! I then Set 1 card facedown and end my turn. Leo declared. Pendulum Effect: Once per turn, when your opponent receives damage from the effect of a "Spirit" card, you can double that damage. Yuzu said, having faith in Yuya, Yugi, and Reiji… especially the former two. He reminded Yugi. "Finally, Starve Venemy Dragon will destroy your Sylphid Monarch!" "Im-Impossible! Draw! Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Just a heads up: A LOT happens! Pendulum Governor, attack Odd-Eyes Phantasma Dragon! I will attack Executive Temujin and wipe out your Life Points, Akaba Reiji! Ray said nothing but nodded while they continued to watch. You can banish this card from your Graveyard; target up to two "Spirit Crystal" Monsters on your field, banish them and Special Summon an equal number of "Spirit Tech Force" Fusion Monsters from your Extra Deck that list them as Fusion Materials. "What you see is part of a trio of "God" Monsters that existed in ancient times where I'm from. The warrior clad in ornate, radiant blue armor and holding a large sword-staff in its right hand appeared on Yukio's field. "However, it doesn't have to be like this. Reiji said while straightening his glasses. And through the actions you committed for the sake of my revival, you have indirectly made me responsible for the suffering of thousands in the war you started. I activate the Spell Card Foresight Draw, whose effect—", "Sylphid Monarch's effect activates!" Fusion Summon! For all the pain you've caused, including my family, I will see to it that you will pay!" Ce tour, réduisez le Niveau de tous les monstres dans la main de chaque joueur de 1 (même après qu'ils ont été Invoqués/Posés). A single beam of light erupted from the Pendulum portal, solidifying into the form of Sky Magician. "Ray…!" "Since the Effect of Magician of Chaos can only be used once per turn, Yugi couldn't stop it again." Gongenzaka, who had regained consciousness a while back, said as he trudged slowly towards his fallen comrades. This is the way! Yuya said, sounding discouraged. Just accept your defeat and stand aside. Yukio let out a confident smile. I Set 2 cards facedown and end my turn." Leo said in horror. What you did in this Duel just now is no different! Your move now Yuya." When a "Spirit Tech Force" Monster on your field battles, increase its ATK by an amount equal to the ATK sum of all other "Spirit Tech Force" Monsters on your field until the Battle Phase's end. Chaos Tyrant, destroy Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon!". Yuri noted. Leo lamented thus as he observed the ARC-V reactor with traces of tears in his eyes. Você pode banir este card do Cemitério; neste turno, reduza em 1 os Níveis de todos os monstros nas mãos de cada duelista (mesmo depois que eles forem Invocados/Baixados). Yuri said that you had perished following your Duel with him…", "Thankfully, I had some help for a bunch of very reliable comrades." Yuri frowned. Reiji tossed the pendant towards Yukio, with the silver-haired youth grabbing it with a swift motion of his hand. Your Pendulum Governor is the only Special Summoned Monster you have, so it's 2300 Attack Points get added to my dragon's! Several blasts of black-colored energy erupted from Leo's Monster, destroying Phantom Dragon and sending Yukio tumbling backwards. "It was the Pendulum Effect of one of my Spirit Reactors! It can't be destroyed by card effects either, plus it can't be attacked by anything except Pendulum Monsters! Aerial Piercer! ", "Well, durable is my middle name." I WILL DESTROY YOU HERE AND NOW! "It doesn't matter…nothing you do matters! ", "We can't have that now." "What did you do? Two beams of light erupted from the Pendulum portal, solidifying into the forms of Leo's Monsters upon landing on the field. (Osiris the Sky Dragon's ATK: 3000; DEF: 3000), Yuya nodded. "If this attack lands, Leo will be finished!" The only one not surprised… was Yugi. "Guided by destiny's hand, cross the walls of space and time and manifest a new possibility! Gongenzaka said excitedly. He strongly retorted. As such, Odd-Eyes won't be destroyed!". Leo continued, Summoning his true Ace. "In it's Phoenix form, Ra is now immune to all card effects and I take no damage from battles involving it! "I owed you for helping me and Yuzu. They haven't disappeared yet. "He's talented, that guy." "Since En Winds, En Birds and En Moon are on my field, I can negate the effects of all Monsters my opponent controls, destroy them and inflict 600 points of damage to them! That's why I'll stop you here before you make yet another mistake that dooms us all. In any case, I don't have any time to entertain your idiotic delusions. Leo wondered. He never thought that Yuri's Monster would be used against him like this. "I choose to send Eternity Zero and Lunar Glow Paladin to my Graveyard. Yukio said. This confused him even more. Now it can attack once more! Mientras tengas 2 cartas en tus Zonas del Péndulo con la misma Escala de Péndulo, esta carta gana ATK y DEF iguales a la Escala de Péndulo x 100, y puede atacar a tu adversario directamente. "And here I was wondering what sort of ingenious plan you had concocted to oppose me." Then, with a swift motion, Yukio drew his card, letting out a wide smile upon seeing what he had. At this point, you'd be better off leaving things to someone who hasn't messed up in such an epic scale. "Thank you, Yuya. "Hear out the shout of my soul once more, Yuya!" With my Pendulum Governor's Effects working again, two of your Monsters cannot attack while the only one that can is not strong enough to destroy my Monster in battle! That Monster is unaffected by card effects and you gain Life Points equal to its Level x 200 during each of your Standby Phases.

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