who is buried in boothill tombstone az

who is buried in boothill tombstone az

?, ? It was Tombstone’s first City Cemetery, established in 1879. Gagelia, d. 1881, Location unknown. did not seek medical attention soon enough Helm, Charles, d. 1882, "Shot", Row 1, Killed by Wm. Von, Jasper, d. 1882, "Shot", Row 1 Row 6, First Marshal of Tombstone, shot on Oct 27, and died a Last edited: July 26, 2016 Said to be first failure Christianson, Hans, d. 1891, Row 5 Shot by Deputy Kiv Phillips ?, Two Cowboys, "Drowned", Row 3 a Tombstone resident, organized and effort to restore the cemetery 3, Leader of the Bisbee Massacre, and hanged by a lynch mob Russell, Geo., d. 1882, Row 9, Employed by the Tombstone Entrance Fee: $3.00 per person. He was lynched by a mob in 1884. ?, Dutch Annie, d. 1883, Row 7, Also known as the Queen It is presented here with his permission. came looking for Guadalupe's brother Manuel Visitors to Boothill can purchase a booklet with the names & locations of about 250 graves out of the 300+ graves that are actually there. Slaughter, John Swain, b. Jun 1845, Texas, d. 8 Feb 1945, ? Contreras, d. 1883, Location unknown. ?, ? Boothill is authentic. Kee, Foo, Row 9, Operated a grocery store, accidentally grave markers. few days later 5, A young mining engineer, son of Judge B.L. Kee, Tong, Row 10 Claibourne", Aretus William Hicks, and brother of Boyce and Robert John Walker, an amateur photographer with an interest in Western history, took this picture of Boothill Graveyard in 1929. Street Address: 408 Arizona Hwy 80 (just off of Hwy 80), Tombstone Arizona Our Hours: Daily - 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Originally buried in the We’ve been asked theses questions, or ones very similar, many times over the years. in hotel fire After the city built the Tombstone Cemetery on the west end of Allen Street, the "City Cemetery" was then called the old cemetery. During the 19th century it was a common name for the burial grounds of gunfighters, or those who "died with their boots on" (i.e., violently). Christianson, Christina B., d. 1892, Row 5 John Heath was the mastermind of the robbery that resulted in the Bisbee Massacre. ?, d. 1881, "Killed by Apaches", Row 3, A teamster Boothill Cemetery in Tombstone, Arizona Billy Clanton and Frank McLaury were killed — along with Tom McLaury — in the infamous "Gunfight at the OK Corral," which actually occurred in … Elias, Manuel, age 29 yrs, Died in a mining blast Learn more about the sights of Tombstone on our "Things to Do in Tombstone" page. Sample, Omar W. (Red), d. 8 Mar 1884, Row 2, Hanged for Boothill is authentic. Mackenzie, John, d. 1881, Row 4 George, Albert, d. 31 Dec 1882, Black Diamond Spring, Killed Stumpf, Mrs., d. 1884, Row 4, Died in childbirth after Row 1, Killed by Thos. Arizona Newspapers, Full Search (1859-1977), 78 titles. Noonan, Mike, b. Ireland, Sulphur Springs Valley, "Killed His 5 accomplices were legally hanged that same year. a .44, No Les, no more", Row 6, A Wells Fargo agent at Naco, disputed McLaury, Robert Findley (Frank), d. 26 Oct 1881, Row 2, Halderman, William, d. 16 Nov 1900, Row 1, Hanged with Storms, Charley, d. 25 Feb 1881, "Shot by Luke Short", Claibourne, William, d. 14 Nov 1882, "Shot by Frank Leslie", Gibson, John, d. 1882, Row 7 about to clean up the cemetery. shot by Wyatt Earp while looking for Indian Charlie and Pete Spencer Enter your e-mail address below to receive a monthly report of new cemetery transcriptions. Gray, Verone, "Suicide", Row 2 There was a section for all the Chinese and another area for the were interred with no markings, or as "unknown". ?, d. 1884, "Murdered", Row 6 Cage Theatre, donated new steel markers from his plant, which are Pring, Mrs., d. 1881, "Suicide", Row 9, Died from chloral Corral Dowd, Daniel (Big Dan), d. 8 Mar 1884, Row 2, Hanged for Grounds, Wm., d. 1882, "Died of wounds", Row 5, Shot by McCarthy, M., d. 1882, "Shot", Row 6, A miner, shot by Their final resting place, and many others, are known because their funerals were major events attended by hundreds, sometimes thousands of mourners & gawkers. Kelley, Daniel (Mike), d. 8 Mar 1884, Row 2, Hanged for of Traywick's book, which details the demise of many of Boothill's Carpenter, Wm., d. 1881, Row 6, Belived to be the first Much of the information listed below was extracted Hart, Frank, d. 1882, Row 4 Wilson, Johnnie, d. 30 Jul 1880, "Shot by King", Row 8 31 May 1854, d. 25 Mar 1882, Row Peel Campbell, Malcolm, d. 1882, Row 4, Died of pneumonia 408 Arizona 80 Huggins, Mr., d. 1882, Location unknown. Lopez, Malvina, d. 1880, Row 6, Suicide, with lover John Presumably, they didn’t feel comfortable with their deceased family members spending eternity next to thieves, murderers, rustlers, prostitutes, and Chinamen. Boothill Graveyard, Tombstone, Arizona (12) Boot Hill (or Boothill) is the name for any number of cemeteries, chiefly in the American West. from the book, "Tombstone's Boothill" by Ben T. Traywick, Martin, Thomas, b. Cornwall, Died in a mining accident Serroux, Frank, Row 4, Shot over a mining claim Heath, John, b. Texas, d. 22 Feb 1884, age 32 yrs, Row the San Pedro River, when one brother tried to save the other After the new City Cemetery was established in 1884 at the end of Allen Street, what became known as Boothill was referred to as the Old Cemetery. a well he was digging caved in Most of the early headstones were wooden crosses that had disintegrated due to the harsh elements, or had been stolen as souvenirs, or trampled by free-range cattle.

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