white laminate shelving boards

white laminate shelving boards

The website says " They come in white or woodgrain and the range includes supports and heavy-duty brackets to secure the shelves in position." European manufactured. 823361, Finish: Anthracite Oak 800x300x19mm thick. 936443, Finish: White Lacquer Weight capacity 20KG 800x200x18mm thick 27210D, 5 shelf deal. Made in Europe Size 600x150x19mm These shelves are sold to be used with the U Bracket Shelving system we currently stock. SC3060CHR. 800x250x19mm thick. Feature - tree bark edge. Will be buying more in the near future. © Copyright Screwfix Direct Ltd 2020 Company Registration no: 3006378 VAT Registered: 232555575. Made in Europe PEFC. Thanks for using Screwfix Q&A. JT. SC2060BCH The melamine over particle board construction results in a smooth finish that makes it easy to place clothing and other items on top. 475723, Finish: Anthracite Oak MELAMINE SHEETS & SHELVES Our melamine panels are made from premium material. Brick/masonry wall fixing only. Finish Satin Black. EX. European made. 28019WHT Weight capacity to 2KG 5102024PLY 90979ZP, Solid plywood floating shelf 600x200x24mm, Finish - Raw Birch ply. Customer Relations: 0333 577 8811. Finish - Oak wood natural. 27234D, Finish White roll painted Browse our range of trade standard White Melamine Shelving & Furniture Panels such asWhite Melamine Furniture Panel 2440mm x 1220mm x 15mm. It is five time more durable than other shelves on the market, water Made in Australia. Made in Europe 55220ESP, Finish Satin Black laminated. Blue Hawk 72-in L x 0.625-in H x 11.75-in D Thermally Fused Laminate Shelf Board. Made in Austria. 55220ESP, NEW NEW NEW ! 55091WHT, Premium 19mm Laminated Shelf 800x250x19mm, Finish White Laminate, New stock in, selling fast! Made in Germany. PEFC certified. Size 800x300x19mm. VAT. Made in Italy Finish: Beech laminate. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. PEFC CERTIFIED. European made. Size 800x250x19mm 55176ESP, Finish Espresso Laminate. Hello Meem46, 600 mm. 19994GRY, Finish - Beech wood certified. A white Melamine faced chipboard, suitable for shelving and other internal applications. $21.73 $ 21. Finish: Silver laminate. 9315BCH, Finish - Black 55213ESP, Material - MDF Finish oak veneer laminate Phone 02 9997 6810. Made in Austria. Size 1150 x 400 x 25mm thick Brackets not included Exclusive to shelvingshop. 55190ESP, Finish Espresso Laminate $11.10 shipping. Finish - Driftwood effect laminate. The finish is excellent and the extra thickness of 19 mm helps when cutting hole for the hinges. Brackets not included Made in Europe. Size: 788x500x25mm thick. European made 55329DWD, Finish Oak sand Laminate. Feature - Solid oak wood. European made Made in Australia. Our furniture boards are available in a wide range of sizes, materials and edge types, ready for use in your home. Hi loadbearer, Stainless steel certified. NEW larger length ! Size 600x200x25mm thickness. 27098, Finish White Delivery 7 days a week. We would recommend using these with uprights (84148) and u-brackets (64271). Floating shelf feature. Made in Europe Please refer to our, Copyright © Travis Perkins 2019. Size 600x250x19mm 27005D, Finish White laminate Made in Germany. The finish is excellent and the extra thickness of 19 … SC3060BCH, Size: 800x250x18mm. Our shop & showroom is open Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm. 476584, Finish: Grey Oak Finish White Laminate 800x300x19mm thick European manufactured. Finish White Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. 55060, NEW NEW NEW ! Finish Espresso Laminate Made in Austria. Made in Germany. Size 800x200x19mm 55213ESP, Espresso 19mm Laminated Shelf 800x250x19mm, Finish Espresso Laminate £3.30 to £6.60. Shelving Boards (7) Sort By: Best Match. 55008WHT, Vintage effect white pine distressed finish shelf 600x200x18mm, Finish  Vintage effect white solid pine. Metal Shelf Boards. $5.71 $ 5. 3634|1292|7367|3798|3202|9134|9218|0548|1351|0106|9174|3016|0744|0832|5000|0136|3776|0638|3310|6013|0560|3486|0870|3658|3862|5994|3378|0146|7533|0864|3021|0826|0534|9280|3756|3616|0948|0874|9151|2480|1174|5930|3350|9150|9283|3656|7542|0962|0390|3180|3460|9038|5640|3994|3370|3420|3474|9048|1173|9168|3007|3742|0624|6005|1347|3358|1328|3242|5038|0314|6021|2454|2753|5032|9024|0564|3456|7527|9162|0118|5804|3620|9270|0480|3506|9074|3764|3588|2819|3294|9032|3015|0104|9131|0244|9122|3998|0400|3408|3024|1348|9284|6003|9217|3466|0810|0576|9111|3668|3528|9201|0120|3574|9040|3374|5064|0920|0406|0784|0478|4440|3190|0502|2771|0844|3464|7545|3406|9154|0678|3548|1297|3047|3308|3390|0184|0816|9014|1177|9133|3344|3710|3736|7524|3790|2459|9026|3792|3346|0690|0842|3900|0338|0980|3902|3298|0116|3716|3796|3372|3522|0442|0446|9206|0312|0594|3284|0468|9290|0280|3472|3224|0512|5046|9296|0620|3682|9114|3440|3648|3034|9050|3660|3031|5018|9066|3252|0440|2744|3179|7977|3410|0860|9127|9103|1312|9144|2762|3600|3005|0412|0746|9215|3035|0444|0404|0450|0862|3142|0212|2747|5024|3480|0162|0836|0574|9101|7384|3136|9210|6007|0414|0908|6023|0182|0122|0854|2873|5026|9052|3640|3030|3276|1385|4719|0128|9146|3614|3534|0346|1179|9286|5006|9175|3244|0496|0592|0486|7554|9155|0600|0474|2951|0834|0124|2832|7551|0884|3212|0194|9020|3046|0812|0334|9034|0846|3039|1331|3352|1139|1346|0748|0472|3444|9081|3132|1238|3248|9271|0306|3340|3708|3524|9216|0108|3484|2962|3002|3470|3206|3430|0568|0152|0138|3680|0934|0734|0416|3204|7607|3788|0196|0344|9135|3520|3632|0732|3452|3020|0402|0516|9054|1178|1306|3578|3260|0248|0458|0134|3192|3362|3494|3540|0276|3596|1389|9285|3996|3036|9149|5848|3006|1211|1284|3562|3003|0882|3618|0504|9018|2842|3009|0596|0132|3348|3386|3274|3033|0932|0866|0348|3652|0408|5030|0464|0916|7539|3488|5328|2934|7792|9209|0320|0476|9132|0550|0484|3104|3118|0956|1361|9292|0586|0584|3986|3662|3754|0380|9102|0756|9124|7548|9143|3368|9427|3045|9268|2783|9274|0278|9204|0462|3040|0680|1388|0578|3580|3214|3250|3414|9145|9125|0752|5836|9152|3292|3624|9121|0506|3704|9072|5334|7516|9424|3768|3027|3043|2774|9281|3001|2756|3748|3342|3025|3044|9030|9287|3004|9272|3314|9231|9288|3714|1302|3222|3654|3194|3280|0912|0562|1117|0510|3636|9147|0342|0840|1119|9138|1283|0944|5060|3702|7530|3678|5810|3586|3538|9169|3432|2765|9275|5052|3594|0267|3330|3166|0540|3288|0100|3042|0742|0692|9289|3690|9282|2449|0216|3184|1175|0206|3200|0856|3482|0175|3692|7974|3556|3008|9291|0946|9028|6001|0500|3530|3392|0110|3706|0552|0454|5056|7489|1387|9207|0754|3576|3422|6033|9229|0332|0820|3278|3778|5662, When joining, you agree to travisperkins.co.uk contacting you via email with information about news, goods, offers and services which we feel will be of interest to you.

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