what was the social impact of industrialization in europe?

what was the social impact of industrialization in europe?

To achieve this standard, students should be able to, Explain important factors that have helped shape American society. The invention of the telegraph, the press, and the typewriter were all agents of communication for written word. Other major breakthroughs included the transformation of factories and many important inventions still used today. The rise of the American labor movement and how political issues reflected social and economic changes. The Tory and Whig parties transformed into the modern-day Conservative and Liberal parties, creating a new era in Europe. Students will understand that institutions evolve and are created to help individuals and groups accomplish their goals. The people of Europe were also impacted by the Revolution culturally and religiously. Please, specify your valid email address, Remember that this is just a sample essay and since it might not be original, we do not recommend to submit it. Who are the experts?Our certified Educators are real professors, teachers, and scholars who use their academic expertise to tackle your toughest questions. Many rich industrialists and investors became the new leaders in an industrializing Europe. Industrialization refers to a stage of social and economic transformation that alters a group or society from an agrarian one into an industrial society (Sullivan & Sheffrin, 2003). The student understands the rapid growth of cities and how urban life changed. To achieve this standard, students should be able to, Identify historical and contemporary examples of important foreign policies, e.g., Monroe Doctrine, Marshall Plan, immigration acts, foreign aid, arms control, promoting democracy and human rights throughout the world, National Content Standards in Economics (NCSE). The Industrial Revolution in Europe between 1760 and 1850 had a major impact on the many countries of Europe that forever shaped their outcome. In Europe, the Industrial Revolution changed all of Europe even while some aspects stayed the same. The student understands the world industrial economy emerging in the early 20th century. How were they different? While a poor person could aspire to be wealthy, Europe still lacked social mobility, as it was difficult for a poor person to be successful in life without the backing of the rich and powerful. Era 6: The Development of the Industrial United States (1870-1900). Major responsibilities for domestic and foreign policy. Also, the many inventions during the Revolution lead to inspirational ideas to the younger crowd of Europe. National Center for History in Schools (NCHS). The Industrial Revolution changed economic, political and social factors. How Progressives and others addressed problems of industrial capitalism, urbanization, and political corruption. With the invention of railroads, this was possible to do as a day trip, and what before took 3-4 days now took 3-4 hours. Most importantly, the Industrial Revolution was a direct effect of what the end of the French Revolution brought to Europe. What are some questions that I could ask in an interview with someone [not white], regarding the Separate Amenities Act during apartheid? The student understands the origin of the Progressives and the coalitions they formed to deal with issues at the local and state levels. How does the government established by the constitution embody the purposes, values, and principles of American democracy? Are you a teacher? The student understands the causes and consequences of European settler colonization in the 19th century. Distinctive characteristics of American society. This created a massive working class that did not feel tied to one another and did not feel tied to any of the elites. The student understands the rise of national labor unions and the role of state and federal governments in labor conflicts. Questia Online Library. The new elite dominated the economic sphere and soon wanted to affect political life as well. Start your 48-hour free trial and unlock all the summaries, Q&A, and analyses you need to get better grades now. The student understands how the "second industrial revolution" changed the nature and conditions of work. The student understands how the factory system and the transportation and market revolutions shaped regional patterns of economic development. People soon became disenfranchised from the electoral system of Europe.

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