wellness tourism pdf

wellness tourism pdf

Wellness tourism has been considered as a rapidly growing sector of the tourism industry since there was an Asian financial crisis in Southeast Asia in 1997 (Okech, 2014). The structural elements of a sanatorium-resort complex (SRC). 1 0 obj This book examines the range of motivations that drive this diverse sector of tourists, the products that are being developed to meet their needs and the management implications of these developments. %PDF-1.6 %���� %PDF-1.5 (��ͯ$��I��'KuZbum̃�0��s�KqQ����OL�f{�Xd����'KkLd&1k���:�r��;G�\ ֍C{r��� ���L������=�.X�U�t8� �Ic3fh�k������y�蘏F��׊�C^����j�$'a�v`b80tO��K������^"���!x�F� �}GrH3��'7�c��>����I:i�Qh4�C�[�{`� ����*��X��w}�:[��o��,�[��σť�dil�r�ZD�:�:��|��8�ᩍ#ƫ�. <> Wellness tourism involves satisfying the body, mind and spirit. In order to The primary motivation is to engage in preventive, proactive, lifestyle enhancing activities such as fitness, healthy eating, relaxation, pampering 4 0 obj There is one major risk, however: the globalization of standardized and uniform products and services. The concept of health and wellness has become an important theme in tourism research (Chen, 2008; 2009; McCabe & Johnson, 2013; Stace et al., 2007). endobj of wellness tourism. ��Ʃ#���\cI ��ܧ�l���Y��c*4U���oiV.���^+(�O����X]��`?K��Z� �ʧ�!m�Sֆ8�����!����ɐ�vS���k�ە��X[趇^Wye6�N����o�� y$R�K&�g���*�ڝ Wellness in hospitality remains a loose concept and covers any adoption of a wellness component, great or small, physical or experiential. Wellness tourism is over powering all other forms of tourism industry all across the world. It is clear Wellness tourism is a new and fast growing trend on the global tourism market and as such it brings new changes in the client base, service and product offer and attracts new providers into the traditional tourism and spa field. ;f�Qr��l��w���֊#&\������9> ��KbЫ��ig�c�, �!5��Ν�vB܎l�S��>�O�žt9@�����ۀ�W�IR�̞t�*�$ߏ�Bl�f'"r��T)��!�x��[- Wellness tourism is travel associated with the pursuit of maintaining or enhancing one’s personal wellbeing. <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 10 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> %���� wellness tourism; sometimes it means both; and it is also used to refer to a subset of medical tourism or wellness tourism. Source: Adapted from USAID (2008, p. 18). �/�#��JO`[�}�\��e�p�"�^ߋ';8�tt{(n�UV$��+Un�O�_�_��n�mݶ���ӟ�u;����<8��s�X!���. Globally, the health and wellness market is worth an eye-popping $494 billion (£314.8 billion). stream 3 0 obj x��Hp&�*DZs_�����x��xV5"��?i��t7 � Y;3cIĥ�7t7�9:Y��Cq�zo���mq?+�޷�I���h�,�>�բh�zqt���bӇ�����c���S������s��a�z��ׯ������0���%qO0��m�=6�_E!ϥ�h~����-�ӛ|z���!��ه���P4� ����%���s��LZs=��$L��e� L8��b��%"�Sk�sh�76`�S�/�5ދ�(�&���0qMI�P���p�#�� ԟ��,���J�x�!O�w���iy�|��'�j ?Y�? segments: wellness and medical. However relatively little is known about the size and scope of the market in the UK, particularly in a coastal context. This is why it is recommended to avoid the use of health tourism term, especially in marketing purposes and communication with customers. GWI estimates wellness tourism is a $639 billion global market in 2017, growing more than twice as fast as general tourism. 2 0 obj endobj Wellness tourism revolves around the tendency to care for your mind and body. The ultimate goal for a wellness retreat is to be able to implement newly cultivated feeling of mindfulness to your daily life. Wellness tourism is a new and fast growing trend on the global tourism market and as such it brings new changes in the client base, service and product offer and attracts new providers into the traditional tourism and spa field. And it’s growing rapidly. �,s ՟(ɲ�ulU��U�;����A}j��쪉�h���\ ��+�?��ov5x�(dڄpG����� ����ӆ�dm\! Wellness tourism is an activity which aims to improve and balance overall wellbeing. endstream endobj 59 0 obj <>stream Wellness tourism is one of the fastest growing forms of international and domestic tourism. z� �ia$ͅ�Ru�)tG��%q4��v�8�Е�4]�}�bD��{��:��������3�K������ƌ�ː������:Lu���h�U��R������u�|l�zr6�:���{��,���Y��������A�Wk�b�eF�ɍ�ފ2�{ ���;=�9�����&���� IaYTr1���p�;C �oԤ�=G[�L��KI�jLyJԎ�ޥ;���"!�v�)Q�h�[����s;iS� ����,aʭ�2 ��V��Pл)|�������P�x���]R ��bl��U 2�Ñ>�}t���xU;�0d��E(;�p��8��Q.�w���W��0�}�'6�L ,���^�Z�G ŅK��0�q��� S��6`B�*|b����?�a�w�� ����d=��v3��J� �S��9� n����F�T/��`W�Zb���T�?G'3�o�Y�)�fP3�$�/R�m=E���`n)��YL�0��i$��Ⱥ�R;gb��*�C� L�3�\����5I�,�����jN@�%zz����"R�Gg���we¼�Ǚ�F��5� Wellness tourism puts your health and well-being at the very center of your travel experience. …5���ϣ��ѓv�2_��GQ�sL����{宺�� ��К���� N,�ͮ��H�x{���!���K-跑T��0"" Typology of tourism in relation to health, medical and wellness tourism. At the present time, spa and wellness tourism is being developed in India, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. You learn how to better care for yourself, physically, psychologically and spiritually. <>>> S�F�ٲ��Z}���C ���H�'����n�����}"&� �����H%��a�t�j ����K�� BLuS=x��0�pI�K� 4WR: Wellness for Whom, Where and What Wellness Tourism 2020 www.wellnesstourismworldwide.com P a g e | 4 Wellness Tourism Worldwide (WTW) Mission Improving Well-being & Economic Growth through Travel Description Wellness Tourism Worldwide is an international trade alliance comprised of wellness and tourism related businesses, organizations and institutions. In recognition of how spas have become submerged into the broader wellness experience, in 2015 the word ‘spa’ was dropped from the name of the Global (Spa and) wellness Summit. Health and Wellness Tourism takes an innovative look at this rapidly growing sector of today’s thriving tourism industry. wellness tourism visit coastaltourismacademy.co.uk What could it mean for coastal resorts? Wellness tourism is the powerful intersection of two large and growing industries: the $2.6 trillion tourism industry and the $4.2 trillion wellness industry. Factors encourage the wellness tourism, including health oriented social trends, the aging population and the desire to stay young and healthy (Lee & King, 2008). Contents 57 0 obj <>stream In order to endobj Wellness tourism attracts the high-end tourists from developed and developing nations, it increases the economy of not only developed countries but also small or underprivileged regions, which otherwise are rich in conventional methods of health and wellness. This trend is not expected to change in the coming 5-10 years. Through this holistic approach it overlaps with a sector intimately concerned with matters spiritual—New Age tourism. endstream endobj 58 0 obj <>stream Trips organized around the principle of wellness tourism should include healthy food, exercise, spa treatments, and opportunities to experience or expand your spirituality and creativity. In this article we will discuss about the things that determine a good wellness destination. <>

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