vegeta vs wonder woman

vegeta vs wonder woman

That statement was an exaggeration on Clark's part, it's been established that only Flash can react at the femtosecond range whereas Superman is in the nanosecond. After all, the crater wasn't very big and Batman was pretty much unfazed afterwards, so let's not act like Diana can oneshot Vegeta here. Alright. First off, I'd like you to look at my scan where Wonder Woman is hit from the SUN to the Earth. Just faster. Multiple bones were broken, he got blown up, and the force of their punches created shockwaves that shattered a small mountain miles away. Using his speed to vibrate fast enough so that he appeared invisible. And finally we have durability. The Galick Gun, Final Flash, Big Bang Attack, etc are all some of the strongest ki blasts the series has to offer. (Even though it is somewhat arguable when it comes to combat speed.) The Saiyan Prince packs more than enough punch to down her after awhile, and his ludicrous damage soak should ensure that he remains the last man standing when the dust settles. I don't see how getting punched a couple of miles and through some small islands will mean anything. This advantage can be a key factor in team DBZ's victory. CAV means "Challenge A Viner," it is a private debate between myself and another user. The purpose of this wiki is to index the statistics of characters from a wide variety of different fictional franchises. I also don't see how casually punching a nuke unscathed is Mid tier. I can also bring up the time Kid Goku caught a dragon ball before it could spread across the earth, or his various laser dodging feats, but honestly I'm not going to make the case that Kid Goku was FTL. He counters the demon king's versatile powerset with various tactics, redirecting his Kamehameha wave and using the power pole as a launcher among other things. Though at the same time, it's pretty hard for me to picture the Prince of all Saiyans being felled by a pitiful earthling, Amazonian or not, so then we're back to this match being a toss-up. what are your guys opinion on omniversal battlefield? It seriously takes the destruction of every bone in this guy's body just to keep him down. One thing that both of these durability feats have in common is that they both resulted in Superman losing consciousness. I'd also like something more verifiable then the Katchin feat. I'll start by addressing Goku vs. Superman. Freeza has consistently treated planet busting damage and attacks with absolute casualness. The extent of his skill is defeating Ultraman, a spoiled, inexperienced punk, and some nameless Kryptonian soldier who was nothing more than fodder. Striking Wonder Woman hard enough to send her plummeting into Earth from the Sun! Dragon Ball vs DC Comics! When it comes to princes and princesses, there two come to mind. For proof, look no further than the famous Kamehameha vs Galick Gun clash. Considering Manhunter and Flash are the only two worthwhile characters fighting her in that scene, and they are both known to hold back tremendously, it really doesn't say anything about her speed. The dude's like a zombie, he just refuses to die. I once again believe that Wonder Woman can physically over power either member of your team and will once again touch on some of her of miscellaneous capabilities later down the line. Wonder Woman also has the second best durability in this match. He then laughs and says "All too easy", meaning that's not even the extent of his Ascended Super Saiyan power. It's difficult to scale this encounter as magical god crafted weapons have no information on how they will fare againest super sayians. Surviving the collision of New Genesis & Apocalypse. My computer was lagging and badly. Later Goku uses the Kaio-Ken x3 and he and Vegeta have a fight that lasts the majority of the chapter. 2.22x stronger than goku is normally. Fusion Reborn isn't entirely canon, but it's worth mentioning that he was able to completely obliterate Freeza with a single punch. Tell me. Kinda like how a mother would yell at their child "you have half a second to put that down or else!" This is hardly a speed feat, she's clearly overpowering the League, nobody is using any speed. I mean she has plenty of other feats like Powergirl punching her all the way to Canada and remaining conscious as well as seemingly unscathed. Green Lantern dilates things down to a second yet Superman can still move around in this time frame. That's about six hundred times the speed of light. This is Gogeta46power's 7th battle in season 3. goku would be up to 50.6 undecillion, (50,635,200,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000x), Now concetrating all of your ki into one spot can multiply your attack potency beyond your normal limits as demonstrated in the raditz saga. And numerous instances of tanking planetary-level attacks. Superman punches Wonder Woman hard enough to send her plummeting into Earth from the Sun! Even though it's technically consistent, that would just make the character way too powerful, even for my liking. Meanwhile, they have no way of blocking it. Zarbon ended up piledriving Vegeta into the dirt headfirst all the way from the lower atmosphere, with the resulting crash forming a large canyon. Next, fair points once again for the super nova feat. Oh and do goku and vegetation some justice.this sound like a cool battle. Now a macrocosm for db consists of the mortal universe and several universe sized realms. Fujitora's DF controls gravity. Let's few the following examples displaying his tremendous durability. Freeza survived Namek's destruction while cut in half with no energy left, and the explosion resulted in almost no additional damage. In the DC universe, Superman is a bottom-tier fighter. As far as I'm concerned there just lasers and even Aquaman has blocked and avoided those. She should be fully capable of harming Vegeta. During the Namek Saga, Vegeta was able to toss Recoome miles across the planet and then through a mountain. When it comes to princes and princesses, there two come to mind. (Even though this should be pretty well established by now.). During Battle of Gods, even before becoming enraged Vegeta was able to put up somewhat of a fight against Beerus thanks to his combat skill. Seriously, it's not even a comparison. And a final thing I'll add for Wonder Woman is the following feat were Wonder Woman uses her bracelets to block a blast from all the Olympian Gods. Gogeta: Like Wonder Woman, the warrior princess of the Amazon. I'm also not to fond of you low-balling Superman by posting scans of him failing to catch bullets. The solar flare is a technique that flashes a bright beam of light to blind opponents; in this scene Goku sees the light, thinks of how to counter it, and easily races across the stadium to grab Master Roshi's glasses before it can reach him. Piccolo waves his hand and creates a wind strong enough to nearly knock Goku off his feet, and he blows rocks hard enough to break Goku's bones. As for Wonder Woman's level of skill, she's certainly more of a threat than Superman, but I wonder, was she depowered during her sparring matches with Batman? READ:This is not an open thread. Photons are light, and the attack Goku dodged in that scan is Dr. Gero's photon ray. Here Superman is vibrating fast enough to phase through Doomsday's punches. Trunks is also a much better fighter than Superman, AND he was stronger than Goku at this point in the series, yet the Saiyan treated him casually. So lets round that off to about 10x to account for zenkai boosts for the battle of gods arc. As I said. Considering that the fist clashes were going to destroy the supreme kais also puts this feat actually higher than that potentially as the supreme kai world exists outside of the mortal universe. Also going back to that from the Sun to the Earth feat, how would Vegeta be able to effectively harm Wonder Woman as you said? Move reading doesn't help if you can't see your opponent. This is made even more consistent by Piccolo claiming Raditz moves faster than the speed of light in the FUNimation dub after Raditz dodges the special beam cannon which moves at light speeds. In terms of reaction time, Goku was able to dodge photon beams in his base form during the Android Saga, so he can definitely react if Clark comes at him faster than light. Kid Buu was strong enough to physically shove back a Spirit Bomb and yet he can't beat Vegeta. For an amateur martial artist like Superman, it should take Goku mere seconds, a few minutes at most to learn his moves, and from there dodging everything the man of steel throws out in CQC should be easy. At his very best, he was even able to tank a punch from Beerus and briefly overpower him, and Beerus is a helluva lot stronger than Wonder Woman. (Now can we move on from Frezia and actually discuss the characters in the debate? While we do here Trunks say Vegeta could destroy the entire planet he never really does even though the blast itself is very impressive. I'd like to see Goku lifting a planet, not him lifting something that might weigh as much as one. This is then halved because beerus supressed himself to the same level as goku. (Something neither of my team often utilize.) I also think you undermined Superman's fighting capabilities. However goku and beerus were both holding back significantly as this was early on in the fight.

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