usb drive icon changed

usb drive icon changed

As he’s pointed out twice in the thread now, Luis marked the post as Answer because Step 4 in the Windows 10 Performance and Install Integrity Checklist – Microsoft Community to turn off Startup freeloaders resolved his problem. But what is already noticeable: The USB drive D:is displayed with a generic symbol in the form of a stylized computer. Windows 10 Pro Version 1909 (OS Build 18363.836), Your email address will not be published. I only mentioned the Safely Remove Hardware change because he asked in a follow up question why it is no longer appearing in his System Tray. Hi, My “D” Drive icon is missing, as mentioned in Explorer does not contain the DriveIcons folder. Does HP blocks 3rd party ink cartridges again on its printers (Jan. 2019)? Windows 10 V1903: External USB storage as Upgrade blocker when i am playing windows media player and subsequently a new explorer,”” is opened. Stupid Microsoft. thanks. I could not find the folder Explorere in my registry. My drive icons were missing and your registry hack worked perfectly for me. and all these registries were edited by the malware. Every time a device is plugged in, it requests metadata from microsoft servers about the type of device , name, model, etc. Thank you! Based on Greg Carmack’s explanation, that back in April 2019, Microsoft changed its policy for handling removable media (USB storage) and that may be the cause for the ‘changed icon’ – I tried to change that policy. *, 2013, 2014 When I inserted the first USB stick into one of my test systems, it was correctly recognized and displayed with a name and an icon for a drive in Explorer. The USB drive which displays the custom icon is USB3 while the other is USB2 . Thanking you. Delete it and log off or restart your Windows. But both USB sticks was now be displayed with a generic drive icon in Explorer. Thanks Kavi ! I formatted the Fat32 drive as NTFS and used the same autorun.inf and .ico from the drive that displayed the custom icon and it still showed the generic drive icon. No. Don’t know if this is relevant. One USB stick previously showing the correct custom icon which is formatted as Fat32 now shows the wrong generic icon but another formatted as NTFS still displays the correct custom icon. Opening the window “Devices and printers” seems to be what triggers the bug.’. Microsoft has posted this support article on the subject, and I reported this change in the blog post Windows 10 V1809: Changes removal policy for USB media with steps to on how to change the policy back to the previous behavior. This worked in seconds. If it is checked, then uncheck it. there is no drive icon file , instead I find Hide desk top icon, in that folder I find hide my computer icons, please help ……………… Any suggestions would be appreciated. I don’t know, which update is responsible – possibly the cumulative update KB4517389 rolled out on October 8, 2019 (see Patchday Windows 10-Updates (October 8, 2019)). In the above screenshot this is drive G: named antiXlive. rename the drive . very helpful to me. In the screenshot above, it is drive D: labeled antiXlive. Any suggestions would be appreciated. after eboot my drive icon was again visible and later on i chnaged this from defalut to another flower shaped ico file stored on my hard. If driveIcon folder not found in registry. Here is some information about the problem. 6 – Insert the USB device (or devices) again and the driver(s) will be reinstalled, now without the internet check for advanced icons I will try to point Microsoft’s software engineers to this article, in the hope, that they will fix this issue. This kind of problem was once reported earlier by one of our readers Kavi. Save the file as “C:\autorun.inf” (you need the quotes to prevent Notepad from appending the .txt extension). When I inserted the first USB stick into one of my test systems, it was correctly recognized and displayed with a name and an icon for a drive in Explorer. dude its wonderful …long time before my computer shows this problem ,but i don’t know to fix it… now the instruction ‘s help me to solve the problem… thanks…. but my pc still has unpleasant pauses ony when i open the usb disks i cleaned 18 malwares. I’m a big fan of this site, and have been sharing my problems and Questions. 4 – Install the program “Device Remover” – You will cease and desist and retract the false accusations immediately. I uninstalled a virtual drive and it left some keys in the registry. This post has been helpful. Excellent! thanks buddy. even i had the same problem from few days i solved it it is very simple just follow the steps the dive with the missing drive icon. In fact, a proper drive icon for the USB stick appeared in Explorer shortly afterwards. Windows 10 V1809: USB Type-C Shutdown bug confirmed From what I understand, Greg Carmack has tried to give an explanation in this thread (he mentioned that ‘MS changed the default away from Safely Remove’ may be the case). It’s simply a bug! If still problem is there, then ask, we will find some another solution. Go to Start > Run , type "regedit" and press enter, this will open registry editor. I could not find the drive icon folder in the explorer folder in reg edit….please provide me a solution for this problem and also when i double click the drive, search window is getting opened…please help me…….. 5 – Check the option to show detached/unplugged devices and delete all references to USB Devices (pendrives, volumes, mass storage, etc..) The USB stick is displayed correctly as SanDisk Cruzer Edge USB device and in the USB controller branch I can’t find anything conspicuous. Kavi is here. But I wasn’t able till now, to revert the broken icons back. !plus its relatively easy,thanks my man!! Now restart the computer. We will share the simple registry hack to fix this issue. 2019, 2020, This site is using cookies, see more information OK. I’m also getting the generic icon and a Code 10 error with my SATA disk drives, USB RAID disk array, and USB Bluetooth adapter in Devices & Printers; everything is fine in Device Manager. I don’t imagine that is pertinent to the problem though. I have inspected the relevant branches in the Device Manager (see image above). It will be my pleasure if I share any FIX with you. Enter ICON= on the second line, followed by the full pathname of the icon-holding file, a comma, and the icon index. After I’ve changed the drives eject policy, I ejected the USB stick and plugged it in again. Need your help. In the above screenshot this is drive G: named antiXlive. But after a few seconds the generic drive icon with a stylized computer appeared. 6. 3. Now just open My Computer and you will see the icon properly as below: The above example was for C drive, for any other drive for example F drive, replace C in the registry key mentioned in step 2 above with F. Please share your comments and suggestion through form below. I have been and will share. The drive works correctly, it just has the “no icon” icon in my computer. It violates the MVP Code of Conduct to make clearly false inferences to another MVP. Recently one of our readers reported that his drive icon is not visible for a particular drive. Option One: Change an Individual Drive Icon with Drive Icon Changer. Quick Tip: If your system isn't displaying extension for … drive icons is no appear in registry editior ….so how can change drive icon ,,please tell, drive icons folder is not appear in registry editor….please help. For anyone facing this problem, there´s a solution: 1 – Unplug all USB devices. Autorun.inf to change the icon to a specified icon and change the drive label changes the drive … Kavi himself solved this problem and sent sent us the fix before we started working on the problem. Launch Notepad and enter [autorun] on the first line. A few screen flashes later and USB icons restored.

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