types of chinese tea and benefits

types of chinese tea and benefits

See Also:8 Weight Loss Tea You can Have a Try. Longjing tea mainly comes from five districts near the West Lake. Yes, Jasmine makes you more relaxed and slow down cells that cause aging. Popular brands of white tea are White Peony and Silver Needle. Leaves picked and processed after Pure Brightness and before Grain Rain were a little inferior in quality, and were known as “before-rain tea”. Broken black tea is a relatively recent type developed in India, and also produced in Sri Lanka. The green tea is the most natural, within the Chinese teas. 4. White tea got its name from the tradition of poor Chinese people offering plain boiled water to guests, if they had no tea, and calling it "white tea". The central peak, which is the highest, has a piece of flat ground at its top, and Sweet Dew of Mengding originates there. Even if its taste is pretty mild, you shouldn’t drink too much oolong tea because it’s stronger than it seems! As for good wine, the value of pu’er tea goes up with the time. At present, black tea is the most widely produced and drunk tea. Gongfu black tea is a Chinese specialty developed from small piece black tea, and is also China’s most representative black tea. It is best to use glasses when drinking Pilochun, because the tea leaves slowly unfold after absorbing water. As the legend goes, an eminent Western Han monk called Ganlu (meaning sweet dew), planted tea trees on the mountain top with his own hands for the benefit of all, and this explains the origin of the name Sweet Dew of Mengding. Green Tea. The most famous green tea is West Lake Dragon Well Tea , which is produced in Hangzhou. Sapore di Cina is a website that provides first-hand information about living and traveling in Asia. People found that if leaves were not dried promptly after being finished, kneaded and twisted, they would turn yellow in colour, forming yellow tea. It’s a slightly oxidized tea. Long ago, in order to supply tea to the ethnic groups of the northwest, tea produced in Yunnan, Sichuan, Hubei, Hunan, and other places had to be transported to the north by sea, and then to the northwest via the Silk Road. While green tea retains the thin and refreshing flavour of the leaves, the fermented black tea gives a stronger and thicker flavour. A wealthy buyer bought as little as 20 g of Da Hong Pao tea in 2002 and paid almost 28,000 US dollars. Terms and Conditions FAQ Black tea is the second largest category of Chinese tea. Pu’er tea and Six Castle tea are notable types of dark tea. There are several types of Chinese tea, which vary in degree of fermentation and processing. There are two distinct types of Pu'er tea: sheng Pu'er (the raw or green Pu'er) and shu Pu'er (the ripened or black Pu'er). This variety of tea may be subdivided into flower and scented tea. Now they are combined into three – lion, plum and dragon, of which the most precious are the leaves named “Royal Tea” from the eighteen tea trees in front of Longjing Temple that had been offered by Emperor Qianlong. It is produced primarily in the provinces of Jiangxi, Anhui, and Zhejiang. Pu'er tea was listed as a geographical indication product' by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine on August 5, 2008. Pu’er tea can be roughly divided into two types. But some came to prefer the flavour of yellow tea, which gradually became one of the six major tea types. Oolong tea is semi-fermented (or semi-oxidized) and, in this sense, stands between green and black tea. Reduce the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease. White tea is unfermented, uncured green tea that has been quickly dried. Some of the cultivated tea brushes there are as old as 600 years, and there are many brushes more than 200 years old. Sichuan province is one region where tea culture is at its height. Mount Huangshan is situated in Anhui Province, and is one of China’s most famous mountains, revered from ancient times. https://www.saporedicina.com/english/classes-of-chinese-tea Black Tea. July 23, 2019 by Sapore di Cina 10 Comments. In my opinion it’s just a matter of habits and, once you make the switch, you will probably enjoy green tea much more than black coffee. By comparison, a cup of brewed coffee has around 150 mg of caffeine. Green tea: Refreshing mind, cooling, weight-losing, palate-cleansing, thirst-quenching, and dysentery-remising are advantages green tea can bring to you.Black tea: Chinese red tea benefits include increasing appetite, eliminating edema, and strengthening the cardiac function.Oolong tea: Washing face with oolong tea cannot only remove facial greasy and infection, narrow pores, resist skin-aging effects, but also act like a natural "sunscreen" to protect your skin from UV damage in areas with strong ultraviolet rays.White tea: It has the effect of antidozing wine, moistening the lung, detoxifying, and lowering pressure, hence decreasing the discomforts caused by excessive smoking and alcohol, over-active of lung and digestive dysfunction.Yellow tea: It can help you increase the digestion, build up an appetite, clear heat, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, and resist radiation.

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