tibetan cherry tree leaves

tibetan cherry tree leaves

The Tibetan cherry is one of the little to medium-sized blossoming trees with tight, willow-type leaves that have an oval-like shape and are around 3-4 crawls long. A flowering cherry grown for its rich mahogany- red shiney bark . Prunus serrula has polished mahogany coloured bark, which peels away in bands with age. The Autumn Cherry tree has delicate, broad upright branches. Height: 10m. Serrula is one of the best trees for a small garden. Its lustrous, serrated, oblong-ovate leaves transition from green in the spring to gold, bronze, and red in autumn. In spring, it bears bowl-shaped white flowers just before the Cultivar: ’serrula’. Genus: Prunus. In pre-winter they turn a rich yellow and afterward fall away. In winter, the tree… The mid green Leaves are narrow and willow like , the flowers are small and white often hidden by the leaves. Tibetan Cherry Tree: Common Name: Tibetan Cherry. Exposure: Full sun. The leaves are a profound medium to dull green. It grows at a fast rate of two feet or more per year until maturity, reaching 20-35 feet in height and 20-25 feet wide. Prunus serrula is a small deciduous tree, often with multiple stems, reaching a height of 20–30 feet (6–9 m). Prunus serrula-Tibetan Cherry . It’s a great choice for adding a touch of drama in winter, and is valuablefor the rest of the year too. Spread: 10m. It forms a rounded shape with dark green leaves that turn yellow or red in autumn. The smooth bark is a brownish red, with prominent horizontal lenticels.The outer layer of the bark is remarkably tough, approaching the strength of Mylar. Soil type: Any reasonable soil. The leaves are arranged alternately, simple, 5–10 cm long and 1.5–2.0 cm broad and a serrate margin.

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