thinline telecaster body thickness

thinline telecaster body thickness

The weight is about 1/3rd less than the solid body. Depending on your exact specifications, most items from this category only take about 4 to 6 weeks for us to make! Though they were built strictly for sale in Japan, some seemed to make it straight to the United States for sale. All rights reserved. We rout from the front where we may incorporate either a plain or fancy bookmatched Neck and body features. This Thinline Body has the same perimeter shape as our standard Tele® body, however, it is made with 3 large tone chambers. For the Ultimate in personal preference, our special Unique Choice option lets you pick the actual laminate top we will use for your body from below. These are the same quality as our custom built items. NOTICE: We will be performing scheduled maintenance on our website on. All rear routed bodies are supplied with a recessed cover plate and mounting screws. These were built in their Ensenada, Mexico plant. Please click here for important information regarding COVID-19 Coronavirus. Cavity depth is 1-1/2" leaving a Thinline versions have been made in Mexico and Japan as a part of the Classic Series of guitars and basses, followed by higher-end American-made Factory Special Run (FSR) versions from the Fender Custom Shop in 2005 and 2013. face thickness of 1/4". The f-hole and reshaped pickguard are the most apparent visual clues to its construction. This way there is no View of internalThinline Chambers. Only 9 left in stock - … The Classic Vibe Thinline Telecaster is also based on the '69 Fender Thinline, but features a mahogany body, and Alnico V single coil pickups. The Master Series features twin Duncan Designed P-90 style single coil pickups, 2 volume and 2 tone controls and a 3-position toggle switch. Pocket width. Having it your way is what "custom" is all about and our skilled craftsmen are second to none! The Vintage Modified Series is more traditional, based around the '69 Fender Thinline, featuring 2 Duncan Designed single coil pickups, 1 volume and 1 tone control with a 3-position toggle switch. The therefore it had to be covered from the back. There have been many different versions of the Telecaster Thinline over the years, although the original two are more recognizable. It was introduced in 1998 and discontinued at the beginning of the 21st century. Telecaster Custom routs options available with any product TC SS Hollow rear rout Body thickness is 44.45mm Neck socket is 56mm Chambered body which is approximately 25% lighter, more resonant, and has greater sustain than a solid body 6mm solid top However, we may be unable to answer the phones. In 2004, a few thinlines were made for the Yamano company in Japan. Fender's subsidiary company Squier also makes entry level Thinline Telecasters. Swamp Ash on Swamp Ash The resulting tone is fatter and woody with good brightness and pop. In the switch area, the thickness is 3/32". Plan of Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar - Full Scale Print 4.2 out of 5 stars 19. When beautiful woods are used on a body, it is often desirable to cut the control cavity from the back. Pocket depth 17.5mm. Simply click on the image above to view and order today. Its dimensions measure 42 inches length, 5 inches depth (thickness) and 15 inches width. We pre-build many popular items and pass the savings on to you. While it retained the "Fender Telecaster" name on the headstock, it was not labeled as a Thinline, although the F-hole design and hollow construction makes its heritage obvious. For standard 251/2 "scale length neck. The Fender Telecaster Thinline is a semi-hollow guitar made by the Fender company. Body thickness 45mm. The originals had the cavities routed from the back and A much lower price Thinline design was produced in China and featured P-90 pickups and a mahogany body. There is no extra charge to have any or all the control holes cut in their standard positions (shown above). $29.50. Item Pictured Is Actual Item That Will Be Received. The Lam-Top thickness is 1/4". NOTICE: The Pacific Northwest is currently experiencing extreme weather conditions. Telecaster MDF Guitar Body and Neck Template 0.5" thickness 1 offer from $59.99. surf green Bullet body thickness is 1.72" sunburst Bullet body thickness is 1.74" white Bullet body thickness is 1.69" my 1994 MIM has a body thickness of 1.83" my MIJ SQ-series Squier is 45mm thick, or 1.77" Affinity Strat is 42mm or 1.65" The Lam-Top thickness is 1/4". I measured my strats with a digital caliper. need to cover the beautiful wood with a pickguard. Designed by German luthier Roger Rossmeisl in 1968, it was introduced in 1969 and updated in 1972 by replacing the standard Telecaster pickups with a pair of Fender Wide Range humbucking pickups, bullet truss-rod and 3-bolt neck.. This is called "Rear Routing" and it allows maximum exposure of the face wood. The Fender Telecaster Thinline is a semi-hollow guitar made by the Fender company. Copyright © 2020 Warmoth Guitar Products. This guitar has a classic-vintage shape and a hollow body. Designed by German luthier Roger Rossmeisl in 1968, it was introduced in 1969 and updated in 1972 by replacing the standard Telecaster pickups with a pair of Fender Wide Range humbucking pickups, bullet truss-rod and 3-bolt neck. Its shipping weight equals 11 pounds. Our "In Stock" selection has thousands of custom bodies and necks ready for purchase! Standard Thinline shownwith Pickguard, Swamp Ash top! 2004 FSR American Vintage Telecaster Thinline, Learn how and when to remove this template message,, Articles lacking sources from November 2009, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Vintage Style Strat Strings-Through-Body Hardtail Bridge, 2 single-coil, 2 Fender Wide Range humbuckers, 1 Fender Wide Range humbucker (neck) and 1 single-coil (bridge), This page was last edited on 15 September 2020, at 06:38. Thinline with standard Tele® RoutsFor use with our standard Tele® Pickguard, Thinline with standardTele® Routs and an F-HoleFor use with our Tele® Hybrid Pickguard, Rear Routed Thinlinewith standard Thinline controls, Rear Routed Thinlinewith standard Tele® controls, Rear Routed Thinlinewith standard Strat® controls. It is a Telecaster with body cavities. This larger cavity allows very near stock positioning of the 3-way switch and pot holes.

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