tax preparer confidentiality agreement

tax preparer confidentiality agreement

Confidentiality of this Letter Agreement. Accountant client confidentiality privilege is very important when dealing with tax professionals. This professional and legal obligation of tax return preparers can put accountants in a tough position, particularly when other clients feel that the accountant has a duty to alert them to any adverse information known to the accountant. Violation of that confidentiality is punishable by both fines and imprisonment under 26 U.S.C § 7216. The issue of tax information privacy is covered by Internal Revenue Code Section 6103. Please read it carefully before signing. This is a sample high-value agreement for individual tax preparation services that incorporates cost-saving technologies and procedures to save time and money while maintaining a high level of professional service (revised 2/7/2019 for 2018 tax returns). CONFIDENTIALITY 5. 726 North Washington Street | Alexandria, VA 22314 | Fax (703) 549-6517 | Phone (703) 549-5276 | | NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT CLIENT AGREEMENT This is intended to be a legally binding agreement under the laws of the State of California. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement for State Production Incentive Applications (“Agreement”) made and entered into by and between the undersigned Marketer’s independent, state production incentive application preparer, _____ (“Third Party Preparer”) and the undersigned commercial Production best practices for the tax office - list of sample worksheets, forms and checklists form # form description pdf fill-in/printable pdf-print only excel forms word format employment forms cell phone usage/texting policy y n/a n/a y confidentiality agreement 1 n/a y n/a n/a confidentiality agreement 2 n/a y n/a n/a The code, 26 U.S. Code § 6103, prohibits the Internal Revenue Service and your tax professional from disclosing your tax information to anyone without your explicit consent. The existence, terms and conditions of this Letter Agreement shall be kept confidential by you, except that you may disclose the terms and conditions of this Letter Agreement to your immediate family, attorney(s), accountant(s), and tax preparer(s), provided that they also keep this Letter Agreement and its terms and conditions confidential. If your tax preparer or advisor is a tax attorney, certified public accountant or enrolled agent you are give confidentiality rights to have your personal information kept private even if requested for civil litigation.

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