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sine mora wiki

The Empire, while large and prosperous, is also relentless in its enslavement and extermination of the Enkie race. A játékot eredetileg PlayStation 3-ra, Xbox 360-ra fejlesztették, de terveztek PC (Steam) és PlayStation Vita változatokat is, azonban 2011 decemberében bejelentették, hogy csak a Microsoft konzoljára fog megjelenni. In my one demo session, I fought giant skytanks, went underwater, and shot at big worms in a subterranean cave. [8] Reiker hoped to build the concept into a video game with the help of a Japanese studio. It was published by Microsoft on March 21st, 2012. released The story focuses on two groups who rebel against the Empire separately and for different purposes, with both stories eventually converging. Xbox 360 játékkonzolokra az Xbox Live Arcade szolgáltatásokon keresztül. As many characters are Enkies and therefore capable of time travel, the story hops back and forth between timelines and from past to future and back again. [8] Reiker pitched his shoot 'em up to Grasshopper and Digital Reality CEO András Peller, both of whom agreed to sign onto the project. A Sine Mora (シネモラ; latin: Késedelem nélkül?) The Empire, while large and prosperous, is also relentless in its enslavement and extermination of the Enkie race. [8] Unlocking all achievements in the game is said take up to 50 hours of gameplay. [8] A korábbiakkal szemben a 2012-es E3 előtt bejelentették, hogy a játék PlayStation Vita kézi konzolra is megjelenik, nem sokkal később pedig a PlayStation 3 változat készítését is megerősítették. [10] Players are also given the ability to slow down time. With three planes to choose and plenty of levels with shifting scenery, I can't wait to try out the full game. The game was published on March 21, 2012[1] for the price of $14.99. A Facebook page for Sine Mora has also been established to promote the game; every Monday a new "concept versus reality" photo shows the similarities between concept art of Sine Mora and the way the same scene is actually rendered, while each Thursday a new character is revealed. [10] Time is added or deducted for vanquishing enemies or taking damage,[9] contributing to what SUDA51 calls a "unique time-manipulation mechanic. developer [4][5] Szuda elmondása szerint a játékot elsősorban az európai és az amerikai piacokra szánják. [9] Powerups are said to replenish ammunition and the player's ability to slow time; red orbs can also increase the player's rate of fire,[10] number of beams launched,[10] and even the spread of the player's gunfire, however these orbs are lost when the player takes damage. With the original SINE MORA I couldn't find the save game file location either and I assumed that the game saves in the STEAM userdata folder, but it didn't and I lost a save game with lots of hours played which led to me stop playing the game at all because I lost all my progress and I would have to start playng the game from the very beginning. "[9], Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, Steam. Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, Steam [8], Reiker cites Battle Garegga as the biggest influence on Sine Mora. The game features three ships, seven pilots (each tied to a specific sub-weapon) and three time manipulation devices for players to choose from. Single player [21], Jim Sterling of Destructoid commented on the game's demo that, "Sine Mora is on track to be a fantastically fun downloadable shooter. Digital Reality, Grasshopper Manufacture Joining the game's design team was anime director Mahiro Maeda, whose credits also include character designs for Neon Genesis Evangelion, a franchise Grasshopper worked into a video game adaptation in 2011. Sine Mora cover art Category:Sine Mora - The ultimate archive for No More Heroes, killer7, Shadows of the DAMNED and more on Suda51 Wiki caption A játék rendezője és tervezője a korábban a Mithis Entertainmentnél is dolgozó Theodore Reiker,[1] tervezője Szuda Góicsi, pályatervezője a Nagy-Szakáll Ferenc,[2] míg zeneszerzője a többek között a Silent Hill videójátékok zenéjét jegyző Jamaoka Akira lesz.[3].

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