shure overhead mics

shure overhead mics

You can go as far as having a pair right above the drummer's head, aimed back toward the drums. As you bring the mics down and move them closer to the cymbals and drums, you must aim the mics farther away from the center to keep everything on-axis. The two components, near and far, are in agreement.You should try to make sure that everything still makes sense in the new, modified stereo image, including the toms and cymbals. The final dimension involves adjusting the mics up and down (see Figure 8). The CVO is an overhead condenser mic … But you can. Once you compensate for the snare, the rest of the image usually falls right into place. It's not as simple as placing a mic on each drum and two more above the kit, and bringing up the faders. The Shure CVO (Centraverse™ Overhead) is available in black (-B/C) or white (-W/C), and is a strong alternative to the U853R.. Shure is a powerhouse in both the studio and live sound games, so it’s no surprise that two of their microphones feature on this list. Shure KSM137 Studio Pair. Even if you go so far as to filter all of the lower frequencies from your overheads (a common practice for some), there will still be noticeable interactions with the close mics. I always start the process of getting a drum sound with the overhead mics. I prefer to increase the angle of the mics as I move farther back so the fronts of the mic capsules are always facing toward the drums. This is all good, but you may also notice that the snare is entirely on the right side (in this image, anyway). As you might expect, the balance changes dramatically as you move the mics from front to back. For achieving drum sounds on a budget, though, the C214s have to weigh in as the best all-round overhead mics. This anchors the drum sound whether you use more of the close-mics or the overhead mics. Shure CVO-B/C Overhead Condenser Microphone, Cardioid (Black) View larger. Our experts offer industry-proven tips and tricks to help you get the most from your gear. You may have to place the right mic higher than the left mic to compensate for the difference. The drum kit can be split right down the middle, as shown in Figure 1. It can be an excellent ambience adjustment. These new models ensure a lifetime of listening enjoyment no matter where you are. November 19, 2020, Gemma Stenberg | The up and down adjustment can be used for several critical effects: MIKE MAJOR is a mixer/producer/recording engineer from Madeira Beach, FL. Connect directly to your computer and enjoy audio clarity that puts you in the room with clients, colleagues and friends. In a perfect world you should try to get the kick as centered as possible, but centering the snare is crucial. If placed correctly, the overheads will capture the entire drum kit, in phase and with the same basic frequency balance and tone.Be aware that even if you plan to use a substantial amount of the close-mics in your drum mix, you still have to get the overhead placement right. I spend some time listening to the kit in the room while trying to formulate the best approach to make the overheads clean, clear, and focused. The Neumann KM183 is a quirky little mic that many people adore. These adjustments move the drums and cymbals in and out of the mics' polar patterns, so pay attention to how the tone and balance changes when you move them (as in Figure 6). The center-panned snare mic is obvious and definite, but the overheads will try to pull the snare more to the right. I have also observed that most right-handed drummers have more "stuff" on the left side of the kit (as you're facing it); so this offset creates a better balance left to right and makes for a more interesting stereo image.The biggest drawback to this approach is that the hi-hat and right side crashes end up having much less distance to travel to the OH mic than anything does on the left side. Naturally, if this were the case, you would have to abandon your X/Y or ORTF pair. If you thought the last choir microphone had enough letters in the name, think again. I prefer to create a new "audio center" that is offset from the physical center of the drum kit. November 25, 2020, Linda Hansen | The MV5C Home Office Microphone enhances speech audio quality for video conferencing with simple setup. It can be a stereo width control. Get easy and direct access to complete product documentation, software and firmware information, comparisons, and other technical tools and resources, all in one place. One overhead mic can cover two to three rows of students, depending on the distance between rows. Really. Copyright © 2009-2020 Shure Incorporated. This offer is valid for a limited time. This is especially useful when you're trying to balance the snare drum in the overheads, which is a common occurrence. Shure Centraverse Installed Sound Microphones deliver high quality, reliable audio no matter what the application. This gives you a nice spread of the toms and cymbals, and the kick drum will be pretty close to the center of the image. Nonetheless, if there is a slight disagreement between the toms and the OH panning, it does not upset the balance the way it does with the snare. You should keep the front of the mics on axis with the kit as you move them forward or backward. When it matches, the stereo image remains solid, no matter what you do. If you break it down (and you should), it's a wonder that you can ever get all of the mics to work together harmoniously. Inspired by the legendary SM7B, the MV7 is a dynamic microphone with both USB and XLR outputs for use with computers and professional interfaces alike. Davida Rochman | Moving the mics toward the front of the kit will push them closer to the cymbals and the rack tom. With microphones and headphones designed for the most discerning listeners and audio professionals, Shure puts studio quality sound in your home office. Installed sound overhead microphone offers a white or black color scheme and overhead placement while delivering clear audio. If you balance the levels of your overheads in a way that keeps the snare and kick centered, you will have a strong, coherent picture when you add the kick, overheads, and snare mics to the mix. A company we have yet to see on our list is Shure. As you bring the mics lower and closer you lose a bit of the ambience; go up and you get a bit more roominess. The Shure AONIC 50 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones provide studio-quality sound with exceptional comfort and durability. A Shure associate since 1979, Davida Rochman graduated with a degree in Speech Communications and never imagined that her first post-college job would result in a lifelong career that had her marketing microphones rather than speaking into them. View larger. From mics to DSP to loudspeaker, the audio chain signal is now available from one trusted brand. It takes work. It plugs directly into a MAC or PC with supplied cables via USB, allowing the user to listen through the computer’s built-in speaker, an external speaker or headphone output. Pulling them back will pull them closer to the snare, floor tom, and hi-hat. The Shure KSM44A is a go-to mic you can count on for great results in just about any project. You can vary the heights of each mic independently to compensate for differences in time arrival from different parts of the kit. Some people don’t see the attraction of, whilst the Shure mic has the unique offering of multiple features packed into its small, high precision shell. Whether you’re a content creator, musician, or simply just love listening to music we have you covered.

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