shenmue trophy walkthrough

shenmue trophy walkthrough

The door is locked so you'll have to go back upstairs and speak with Shui Lili at the customer service desk. To complete this quest you will need to obtain the rare white fishing lure from the capsule machine next to Fast Kitchen in Village Square. SHENMUE II SAVE IMPORTING [SHNM] ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Players who have a Shenmue 1 save can import their file into Shenmue 2, if they're of the same region. The bad ending in this game will occur on 31st July, so consider keeping some back-up saves if you get to the end of June in Niaowu, or if you get to June at all and are still in Bailu. This is available after Ryo learns about Liu He Hall. As you approach Grandmaster Bei, a screen will pop up to warn you that you are about to leave the main town of Niaowu. It's highly recommended that you save before playing the machine that way if you lose too many times you can just reload your data so you won't lose many tickets. You will reach the point where turning left takes you back along The Promenade, and going a little further straight ahead before turning right will take you up further steps, leading all the way to Blossom Road. Niaowu Docks Warehouse - this spot is to the far right hand side of the docks area. You have to begin a fishing session at each location to unlock this. There are multiple fights to choose from, and you can ask people about places to gamble to find them (press, This fight will take place on the rooftop of the Yellow Head Building. Niaowu Harbour, opposite end to Niaowu Hotel, near Super Tackle (yellow machine). Niaowu Tour - Ferry Terminal at the port. Consider making a back-up save once you reach 49 unique capsule toys, so you can reload if this happens. Once inside speak to the lady at the customer service desk. The other two, Yellow Head Building in Kowloon and the path to Bailu Village in Guilin, are automatically provided to you. You can do two fishing sessions per day. A Wise Purchase - The pier where you first got off the boat in Niaowu. After getting some tips, you will receive Chawan sign #3. You'll reach a point in the story where you have to get the bus to the harbor. Return to Wei Zhen again to complete this quest. After the third story talk to him again to complete the quest. During your quest, Ryo will need to locate a Bajiquan Arcane Book. Your objective is to win another rare Star Girl toy from the Big Wheel machine by landing on the "bonus" slot. Trophies unlocked in this step: *Missable* Wooden Tathagata Statue (Sitting) - Bargain Buddha (as above). once this is triggered you will have to wait until the end of the game before you can come back to this area to collect the final 4 herbs. Story related, cannot be missed. Find the skipper standing behind the warehouse near the Wu Shen Hall dojo. He will give you Chawan sign #2 and your job is to use it to find a secret location. 3 At the Fisherman's wharf near the entrance of Vendor Avenue and Senary Road, On a pier to the right of Liu Jiao Shrine, 2 (1 locked) Behind Liu Jiao Shrine (1 on the pier connecting the two shrines)(1 behind the second building, which is locked and has to be unlocked by completing the subquest "Wagon Bus"), (locked) At the Port behind the warehouse next to the Ferry Terminal. The third arcade is located in Niaowu's Promenade district. Bunkado Antiques is where you got the sword handguard, and Russiya China shop is where you got the letter translated. The final kid is hiding inside a house further away from the rest. Use low kicks, particularly the crawl cyclone move if you have it (purchased from Bunkado Antiques for ¥1000). Each time you do a Chawan sign and fail, you wait 2 hours. Ryo should seek help from Ren at the Golden Goose. If Ryo stops attempting the move, but you don't get this screen, he hasn't mastered the move yet. Head towards warehouse number 17 to find Goro, who tells you to meet him at 12 the next day outside warehouse number 1. Please note that the VIP Card is different than the VIP Referral Letter. Gold Hermit (Standing) - Buddha Heaven (as above). You will encounter a cutscene where you are told the master wishes to speak with you. Catch the four different colored catfish. Complete it to unlock this trophy. Tang Yinqui (man at the Get River Fish stall, in the open section at the end of Vendor Avenue). After being told to ask Hong Dejin (Big Dejin), when looking for a VIP member of The Golden Goose. Middle of Liu Jiao Shrine - go through the shrine and around to the left of the first building. Return to Bai Qinghao and speak to him to give him the capsule. You can usually find him walking around the port. He will offer either a rare capsule toy or the location of a secret fishing spot. As soon as you begin the first quest, you can get this at the table nearby at I Love Fresh Oysters. The Da Huang Root is specific to this subquest. After your first day of catching chickens with Sun. You can get 10 tickets for each of the gambling challenges you complete and you can also earn tickets from the arcade games behind the stairs. You'll have to apply for a job working the forklift for him. 10 are in Bailu Village while the other 15 are in Niaowu. Fancy Martial Artist. If you need to grind this, you can use the I Love Fresh Oysters table next to the hotel to speed up the process. 17. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Step-by-Step Guide, Bare-Bones Information, Cutscene Achievements (Definitely Missable! The bad ending results in an automatic game over. In this step you will complete the following subquests: Step 3: Learn the Body Check move These subquests are highly missable as they do not become available until you have reached certain points in the story. Some arcades have more than one of each game, you have to get the top score on each arcade cabinet to earn this trophy. Another fishing tournament opens up when Shenhua follows you to the Hermit's Nest. After you cross over to the Old Castle the trophy will unlock. Story related, cannot be missed. Then he will ask you to obtain the Diamond P from the gem series next to Panda Arcade in Panda Market. Step 2: A Reunion with Zhang Shuqin Trophies you'll unlock in this step: She might be inside the arcade, at Mell's Cafe or at the Smart Ball Center, I Love Fresh Oysters - at the Harbor next to the table where you first meet Zhang, Drunk Tank - Promenade, just South of Vendor Avenue's entrance, Crazy Dim Sum - Just South of BONG Arcade), Mell's Cafe - just across from BONG arcade, Outside Lonely Potter - the table at the forced walking section on Promenade before you enter Blossom Road, Vendor Avenue - the table in the large open area next to Get River Fish, Kowloon Dim Sum - Senary Road, this only opens up during the final quest and is required to complete the quest, Unique thug characters - 2,000 points (usually; 2 of them in the last level give less points), Seconds left on the timer - 200 points each. Lapis Fortune Teller is located in Dobuita. If you want you can start playing them early in the Niaowu chapter or you can wait until later so you'll be able to complete all the DLC quests back to back. When you've met Grandmaster Bei, it's the right time to stop and focus on the next 2 subquests. The Linghi mushroom can be found near fishing spot 4 (the rocky area at the far end of the Verdant Bridge river, see, Yang Lihong (boy in blue striped t-shirt in Sunflower Grove). To find Wei Demin, go along Vendor Avenue until you reach the Fruit Feast and Blue Skies Gallery stalls, which are opposite a roped-off gate.

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