sentence on rain

sentence on rain

The deciduous plants lose their foliage in the dry season but revive with the winter rains. Heavy dews in summer give the needed moisture after the rains of June have ceased. A line drawn from Port Elizabeth north-west across the Karroo in the direction of Walfish Bay roughly divides the regions of the winter and summer rains. Principal rivers are the Ganges and Jumna - the former navigable all the year round, the latter only during the rains. On the Karroo the bush consists of dwarf mimosas, wax-heaths and other shrubs, which after the spring rains are gorgeous in blossom (see Karroo). Torrential rains caused a series of landslips, carrying away houses and breaking up the hill railway. True, there are still words that you don’t know. During the rains the Brahmaputra floods hundreds of square miles of country, reaching a height of 30 to 40 ft. The town in fact has little air of antiquity; genuine Arab buildings do not last long, especially in a valley periodically ravaged by tremendous floods when the tropical rains burst on the surrounding hills. 12, The rain has been continuous since this morning. In 1891 excessively heavy autumn rains washed the arable soils to such an extent that the next season's corn crops were below average. The denuded mountain slopes and plateaus of southern Mexico are due to the prehistoric inhabitants who cleared away the tropical forest for their Indian corn fields, and then left them to the erosive action of the tropical rains and subsequent occupation by coarse grasses. During the second portion of July and the first of August a slightly higher rainfall is beneficial, and even heavy rains do little harm, provided the subsequent months are dry and warm. Why Is Focusing on Sentences Important? Here the mean temperature is between 46° and 48° in summer and 36° and 38° in winter, rains are frequent, and snow falls every month in the year. During the wet season frequent and heavy Australia rains fall, and thunderstorms, with sharp showers, occur in the summer, especially on the north-west coast, which is sometimes visited by hurricanes of great violence. The main glaciers (12) are on the north slope, but none creeps below io,000 to 12,000 ft. The surface of Lake Nicaragua after the rains is 135 ft. The rains do not last long, however, and sometimes fail altogether. Although hardy, its flowers are so delicate that it should have protection from heavy rains unless the position is well sheltered. The rainy season is the summer months, November to April, but the rains are irregular, and, from the causes already indicated, the rainfall is steadily declining. PAKISTAN: Landslide kills 14 quake victims 25-07-2006 At least 14 earthquake survivors have been killed after monsoon rains triggered mudslides in northern Pakistan. The rains generally begin on the east coast and gradually move northwards. The cessation of the rains on the southern border of Baluchistan, west of Karachi, obviously arises from the projection of the south-east coast of Arabia, which limits the breadth of the south-west monsoon air current and the length of the coast-line directly exposed to it. They will wither and die unless they have plenty of rain to keep the earth soft and moist. in the interior the rains are less frequent, but when they occur are far mpre heavy, so that there is much less difference in the annual rainfall there as compared with the rest of the country than in the number of rainy days. I think it’s going to rain. Long droughts are common in many parts of the country, and on the barren surfaces of the plateau the rains drain away rapidly, leaving but slight beneficial results. 5, Into every life a little rain must fall. If a sentence doesn’t have a subject and a verb, it is not a complete sentence (e.g., In the sentence “Went to bed,” we don’t know who went to bed). 13, The rain was dripping from the trees. Nevertheless the climate is considered healthy and agreeable; copious rains fall in general in winter. The so-called rivers have a strong flow only after heavy rains, and some of them do not ever reach the main drainage line. The Malwa plateau consists of great undulating plains, separated by flat-topped hills, whose sides are boldly terraced, with here and there a scarp rising above the general level; it is covered with long grass, stunted trees and scrub, which owing to the presence of deciduous plants is of a uniform straw colour, except in the rains. These are the summer and winter portions of the year, and an important result of the prevalence of these winds, with their accompanying rains, which are coincident with the annual extremes of temperature, is to imprint a more strictly insular character on the climate, by moderating the heat of summer and the cold of winter. Fogs and rains and warmer suns are gradually melting the snow; the days have grown sensibly longer; and I see how I shall get through the winter without adding to my wood-pile, for large fires are no longer necessary. These figures show that tolerably mild winters (as a whole, apart from the extremes of cold already indicated) are followed by cool summers, both seasons being accompanied by overcast skies, constant and sudden changes from fair to foul weather; while fogs, mists, rains, snows and high winds (prevailing throughout the year) endanger the navigation of the intricate inland channels. On the eastern side of both rivers are various important tributaries, fed by the more abundant rains and melting snows of the western flank of the Sierra; but these streams also shrink greatly in the dry season. When we want to have more roses we must plant trees. Sentences are everywhere. Nineveh was badly supplied with water for drinking; the inhabitants had to " turn their eyes to heaven for the rain," but Sennacherib conducted water by eighteen canals from the hills into the Husur and … In the denser jungles malaria prevails for months after the cessation of the rains, but the Gonds do not appear to suffer much from its effects. During the rains the temperature varies from 5 9 ° or even lower to 75° F. Swollen by the melting of the winter snows and by heavy rains in the mountains, it is frequently a torrent, and is thus, except in the last few miles, unnavigable for either boats or rafts. Hence the Mediterranean region is characteristically one of winter rains, the distinctive feature becoming less sharply defined from south to north, and the amount of total annual fall increasing in the same direction.

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