sennheiser e945 vs e845

sennheiser e945 vs e845

Like the 57 better than 58 (seems clearer). The e945 has a sensitivity of 2.0mV/Pa, while the Beta 58A has a sensitivity of 2.7 mV/Pa. The e945 has a better presence about it, and doesn’t sound as thin at the Beta 58A. than the Shure 57/58 series ? Thank you & much appreciated for any inputs. Sennheiser did not exactly craft four microphones to specifically take on each of the four Shures, but if I had to draw a comparison, I would put it right up against a Shure Beta 58A . Warranty. Dec 15, 2014 ... Years ago I switched from a Shure Beta 58 to a e945. The e945 goes from 40Hz-18kHz, while the Beta 58A goes from 50Hz-16kHz. Sennheiser e845 vs. 865 vs. 935 vs. 945. While singers have their share of bad voice days, the main reason is the mic they use. Are the above an improvement (better dynamic range, focused mids, etc.) Sennheiser e845 review – budget supercardioid; ... Sennheiser e945 is a great example of a great vocal mic. Male voice, I prefer the e945. Good quality mics like the Sennheiser e945 Supercardioid Dynamic Handheld Mic, which has been specifically designed for musicians, deliver good quality sound. Made of quality, it produces an extraordinary for dynamics clear ‘n natural sound with a pleasant bit of warmth while easily cutting through the mix. For my voice, the 945 is a better fit My voice can be a little thin sounding and the 945 adds some warmth without compromising any clarity. 3. Messages 3,580. Re: Sennheiser 945 vs. 845 Female voice, I prefer the e845(or e935). The Sennheiser E 845 is one of four Sennheiser microphones designed with live application in mind to go head to head with the venerable standards of the industry, the fabled Shure microphones. Thread starter petty1818; Start date Dec 15, 2014; petty1818 Member. The Sennheiser e835 sits among the top industry standards for live performing… And is often compared to the most popular mic of all-time: the Shure SM58 . Just like the SM58, the e835 has an internal shockmount design to minimize handling noise on-stage. The Sennheiser e945 – Who uses it? PS: I've tried Shure 58 & 57 dynamic mics. The 900 series in general sounds a lot better than the 800 series. Frequency Response. Price. The 835 is completely useless, IMO, while the 935 is a great sounding mic. Sensitivity. The e845 doesn't have as much "air" to it IMO, and some would describe not as "clear" sounding. Shure Beta 58 Any thoughts, experiences & recommendations ? Sennheiser E845 (or 855 there much difference ?) The e945 is a bit more expensive than the 58A.

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