self revelation in a sentence

self revelation in a sentence

If she dies, he sails back to Sparta, you still have his love, and I can happily make headcanon that Thaletas and Alexios eventually reunite in Sparta and get their happily ever after. A couple fixes that could help the problem involve a follow trade route system akin to follow road and the implementation of sea creature battles to spice things up. I love it. They could have a simple, repeatable scene where the player character kisses their love or something, similar to Dragon Age: Inquisition. After a short conversation with them both, the mission will be complete. I liked them in 3 but it seems like every game after that has a damn ship. I responded with "Not in front of Kyra!". Eventually, once you collect all the skins, you’ll be taken to the secret Daughters of Artemis village where you’re asked if you want to be the next leader of the group. It's honestly the only way the ending with Thaletas makes any sense, even though I'd prefer that she lives. Are you sure?" I didn't enjoy the female nor the male shanties in Odyssey. (This is espescially annoying when I’m at an underwater location or near a part of a land mass without a dock and I want to disembark, but some ship decided I got a little too close and now I can’t.). Interact with the following: Once all the clues are gathered, a cutscene plays. I understand that you can kill one and get a breather by boarding that ship before moving onto the next, etc, but I honestly just find that tedious. I can hope. Hard mode was ridiculous- it takes a huge number of volleys to damage other ships significantly, even with a lot of upgrades. 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She said something about him going to Hades, but also said goodbye to her "pater". He still got pissy during A Night to Remember, so I was forced to kill him. To add on to what you said, I believe the difficulty scaling is atrocious for naval combat. But yeah, i was definitely spoiled after experiencing romances from Dragon Age Inquisition. I won his love, so you just keep your grubby hands off of him. That would be fun aswell. damn thats why thaletas died, i did the damn speech, so sad, i didnt want him to die, This questline got a little broken for me. I sided with Thaletas over Kyra when first arriving on the island, obviously. For example, it bothers me so much that I can’t max out the abilities but I’ve learned to live with just maxing out my playstyle. truly unpopular opinion. That's probably why the Adrestia doesn't have a deployable boat either. :) I love this game. I wish I’d just done the “correct” thing and fought Daphnae to lead the Daughters. Naval battles usually happen for me because they’re inevitable because of story and or side quests or they happen to be in my way. This game yo. These fights don’t even have to involve a whole slew of new mechanics - they could function very similarly to the fortresses in Black Flag. Give me back the looking glass. I hope future AC games will continue to feature these kinds of RPG elements. .s5ap8yh1b4ZfwxvHizW3f{color:var(--newCommunityTheme-metaText);padding-top:5px}.s5ap8yh1b4ZfwxvHizW3f._19JhaP1slDQqu2XgT3vVS0{color:#ea0027} I'm not sure why you'd want Kyra to survive if you romanced Thaletas, due to the odd turn of events where he suddenly and for no apparent reason forgets how much he loves you and decides to stay with Kyra, but it is possible for both to survive. I write about video games, television, movies and the internet. I'm on Hard so it's not like I just went in swords-a-scrapin. I romanced Thaletas, and it was written as though he and Alexios were completely in love and were wanting a "forever after" sort of situation. Understandably this game is very different due to the lack of well, cannons, but the sentiment still stands. I realize that it is pivotal to the game,, espescially considering that either Alexios or Kassandra is literally embarking on their own Odyssey. She's key to this mission becoming violent or not. Cookies help us deliver our Services. They don’t drop enough loot for me to deem them worth the effort. I encouraged her by telling her that her islands, her people and her rebels need her now more than ever. TL;DR: Naval combat is tedious and boring. I wish there was a turn off shanties button like in Black Flag. Outside of that, there is no reason to fight them. Sleeping with Thaletas on Delos, then sailing back later that night to Mykonos to work with Kyra on a job, a forced smile smothering the guilt in Alexios's heart as he lifted her spirits with words of encouragement--those are the kinds of moments I play RPGs for. Head to his house; it's in Korith below. Kill him once the conversation ends. Ugh, I just did finished the whole questline, after reloading a few times; took forever... From what I've heard, if you side with Thaletas at the very beginning, you have a chance to romance both without consequences. It might also matter if you encourage Kyra after she lights the funeral pyre, but I cannot say that for certain. I ran away instead of fighting because I didn’t want to kill Daphnae, but clearly I had made the wrong call. I was so excited at the possibility of Scylla or the Kraken or anything similar. Sure, it helps make the battles not as impossibly hard but it's so stupid. Afterwards she expressed a feeling of emptiness, of not knowing what she should do now that the rebellion was over. I feel like if they created this customizable aspect it would just become another aspect of the game that completionists like me would feel like they would have to max out. At all. I guess it was a load-bearing shark. I had to take a break from the game after playing through this questline. I was thinking maybe I shouldn't have meddled too much. I got invested and attached to Thaletas, man. Finally, there is a strong lack of motivation to participate in naval combat at all, and figure out a way to enjoy it and get satisfaction from it. I don't know why but I got so invested in Thaleta. However, if you romance Thaletas, you can romance only him and have Kyra still survive. I liked Thaletas, he was a good man, he didn't deserve to die that way. So I'm trying to keep him alive and I've done the first step in doing so by not publicly executing The Monger. When he asked Kassandra to come with him back to Sparta, I told him "I wish I could, but I can't". It's like the relationship and all the romance he and Alexios had built were dropped like a sack of crap or vanished into thin air. I then went up to the cliff to speak with Kyra. That damn boar. I would love to hear your opinions! Boarding a ship is a little better, because you finally feel like you’re a part of the action, fighting the other crew. Decisions, desicions. With mythical creatures being in this game there was such a strong potential to fight sea monsters.

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