school locker dimensions

school locker dimensions

(10 POINTS!)? High School Lockers 12" Wide Single Tier Standard Metal Lockers 12" Wide Single Tier Standard Metal Lockers are constructed of 16 gauge steel, are available in 5 or 6 foot heights, in 12", 15" or 18" depths and a gray, tan or blue finish. (In inches plz) thnx. Also a great fit for gym locker rooms too. We have a huge selection of tiers and sizes as well as 1 wide and 3 wide lockers. Answer Save. 9.5") so you don't need an exact … There are NO in between sizes ( e.g. Features of School Lockers The double tier lockers are 30" or 36" tall. Each item in the range is marked to display the sizing range (for example Unisex, Girls, Boy) available so that you can refer to the correct size … I know this is pretty general and for some people really hard to answer, but if you know the dimensions of your locker… 8 Answers. Tiers refer to the number of layers of the lockers. You need to measure the INSIDE width of your locker- most school lockers are 9" or 12" or 15" wide ( there are some 7.5" and 18"). The School Locker uniform range is designed to offer a broad range of sizes to suit children from prep all the way up to senior high school students. The dimensions can be either in inches or feet- no centimeters. Lv 7. Additional Information and Other Important Details. The height of the locker is one foot. maliboo_girl. Aside from dimensions, school lockers also differ in tiers. Standard Lockers the industry benchmark Single Tier Double Tier Triple Tier Four Tier 3-High Box Ski Locker 4-High Box 5-High Box 6-High Box Two Person Duplex Double Door W D H H H H H H H H H H … Need dimensions for decorating my locker. The height of this locker is 3 feet while the width is one foot. The middle school locker dimensions are different from the average size of lockers. Lyon has been the industry standard for steel lockers for over a century. I B tryin to decorate ma locker and need the dimensions. Favorite Answer. Usually lockers are 12" wide and 12" or 15" deep, sometimes 18". Relevance. It is a "tall locker" they arent the type of lockers that are "stacked", if I were to guess, I'd say they are about 5 foot tall. These metal lockers are perfect for either middle school or high school. What are the dimensions of a standard school locker? 1 decade ago. Well usually a middle school locker is 1 ft. wide, one ft. deep, and three ft.high.

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